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BSP holes are far easier in this engine!?

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    BSP holes are far easier in this engine!?

    Hi all,

    Im not sure if they are BSP holes, or a lighting issue, I can select the sides of the BSP as they turn blueish, but they are permanent black, I have tried a "clean BSP" from the tools menu, and also a fullrebuild

    heres a screenshot


    Also in a clean blank map, when I try and add a cube, take one of the verts out, so its a triangle, subtract it, its a BSP hole to

    any ideas?

    EDIT: Also the BSP is black on the unlit view

    Those look like BSP holes.

    Your brushes look like they are "twisted" and intersecting on the top view (top left window). You need to make sure that the edges of brushes do not intersect.

    How are you removing that vertex (what method are you using)?


      Have you tried build all see if that fixes it??
      You will get error no textures though.