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brushes not showing in the editor

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    brushes not showing in the editor

    i'm just getting my first steps in the editor here, i managed to make a room, add some lights, and apply some shaders, but my real problem is, i can't see my brushes.

    i build a box, and i can't select it, i cant resize it, heck, i can't even SEE it.
    i know it's there, because when i add/substract, it gives me obvious results.

    here's an image of what i'm talking about. it's a printscreen, showing no brushes, exept for the room i made, even though i must have hit the create box button a billion times.

    im guessing i hit some hotkey to hide itm but i dont want to try out every key on my keyboard to find it, because that will undoubtedly mess up other settings.

    all help appreciated.

    You could try to select "Default Show Flags". It's in the "Toggle Show Flag" (The little arrow pointing down above the viewports).


      thanks for the reply.
      hrm, it did reveal to me some red box, but somehow i doubt that's the brushes i've been looking for.

      can you tell me, is this my missing brush? i can't seem to make more of it, but now, it's the only thing that will add/substract.

      i did manage to make my brushes visible by adding them to a space, and then substracting them again, but somehow i've got a feeling this isn't a good practice. besides, there's got to be some other reason why theyre not showing.

      also, whats the default colour of it's wireframe, so i know what i'm looking for?
      also been getting little glitched where my mouse just vanishes. bit annoying.


        bump :<

        slight progress, i think it's not some setting i messd up, because they will show up by adding/resubsrtacting the brushes again. that means they're not hidden by some global hide-setting.

        i think it's more along the lines of it being inactive, and needing to get aefore it activated before it decides to show up. :<


          The red one is the Builderbrush.
          An added brush is blue and a substracted brush is brown.
          Have you got a material selected in the generic browser?
          If you add a brush without a material it will not show up in the 3d viewport when the viewmode is "lit". Select "unlit" or "brush wireframe" to see them (the icons above the viewport).
          Also, do a "build all", if there is brushes without materials it will tell you.