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My Unreal editor video Tutorials

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    My Unreal editor video Tutorials

    These videos were done with GOW but the editor is like 99.8 percent the same, except model, and material, and texture locations. And Microsoft cripled it beyond a one legged dog. so we cant script it at all. But other than that maybe it will help a noob do some stuff like mapping, constraints ect ect ect

    heres the link to my series

    Hope it helps

    been playing with the moveable lights

    What a cool feature


      These are great, recommended.


        Thanx for these, Very nice tutorials.


          This deserves a sticky with all (upcoming!) editting tutorials..
          I can make and update the thread, thats np, but will it be stickied?

          Very useful videos there, it's kinda different if you mapped alot for 2003/2004... :P


            wait a minute when i play in editor games i don't get a gun or even a hud at all how'd u do that (and I am going to watch your tutorials)


              @Zephyr618 save your map then play from the editor

              @canned great stuff let us know when you upload more vid's, got all 11 so far


                Watched a few of them yesterday and loved them.

                But the fps seems to be quite slow and makes them a bit not so comfortable to watch. It's not a big flaw but still you might want to record your future videos with a bit higher fps though.

                I wan't more


                  glad you like ya I'm producing a few now

                  I'm redoing some of these because ya GOW was a little easyier but it crashed like every 2 secs. Making it hard to stay focused on the tut.

                  Felt like a cat in a room full of rockers

                  Animated meshes
                  and Moveable lights
                  are in the works now

                  BTW save your map as DM-whatever
                  and the launch and your will have a gun

                  I'll Post here when done


                    I've been using these tutorials for the last two days, you did a fantastic job! Thanks a ton for putting them up!


                      Cool. Thanks for these!

                      I am just getting off the ground with this. I am a total n00b when it comes to mapping, but I have set forth to learn. I saw a brief statement that the UT3 editor uses materials rather than textures? I tried making a simple BSP cube but I have NULL material referenced. I found the materials in the browser and copied the reference, am I on the right track?

                      The reason I post this here is because the first video was getting to that but was cut off at 5 minutes? The details says the video is around 55 minutes. Did you cover this in the first tutorial?

                      I am really kicking myself now for not getting the CE.


                        you can download the whole video using the link to the right of the video.
                        It helps to have the free veoh player.

                        The whole video walks to through a little of everything. its like the sample platter Including materials I think.

                        All objects need materials then all materials need textures.

                        Objects - materials- textures

                        Many textures can make up one material making it SUPER powerful because you can use ALL the maps we use in 3d world. Spectral / Normal / Color And I believe I seen a trick for a height map.

                        Download the whole vid its worth it

                        If not that video, also watch the one with the chair where, I make a new material. Lesson 3

                        Check this out

                        Terrain Ediitor is ALLLLLLLLLL powerful.
                        I'll be doing an entire breakdown of it tommarow. There is a trick to it cause there is some sorta bug making it not work via gui on more than two materials. But I figured out a real easy work around for it
                        Random mesh seed generation Rocks!

                        Heres an exsample of SPEED TREE and yes they are collision trees that have leaves the blow in the wind.

                        Yes blow in the wind!!!!!


                          look for




                            i will like to see more Kismet tutorial on ut3


                              cannedmushrooms i am currently trying to learn from ur video tutorials on the gow editor, but i hit a wall at the very start. When i try to subtract that first cube, it subtracts it, as in i get the yellow cube on my screen, but i dont get any default texture to show up. It works in unrealed for ut3 but not in gow ed, any suggestions?