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    U need to add a light


      click on the unlit button in the viewport


        Look for my newest vids on veoh

        This one is still uploading but should be done soon


          Man u are GOD! Great work, plz dont stop
          Next lesson "advanced texturing" ?


            cannedmushrooms i have 2 questions ....

   can i make a mirror ?
            2.can i bind an class actor to a mash ?


              Way of seeing yourself
              Put down a block of geometry and a camera pointing out

              its cheap but it works

              Sorry havent dug into the material editor yet all that much.

              heres an exsample
              I could have found a better material all you need is somthing shiny
              but it was early and I still had no coffee.

              make sure you open kismet to see how it works

              also this code is handy for a 3rd person camera switch ingame

              And if you mean a mesh to an actor
              watch this


              hope that helps


                i mean to bind a skylight and a Sky Drone together....


                  Originally posted by razvanab View Post
                  i mean to bind a skylight and a Sky Drone together....
                  i would say probally not because they are two seperate classes

                  Class of lights

                  compaired to class of pawn

                  The king of pawns owns all of static mesh land Therefore you can bind them.
                  Static meshes however wont move with the actor only interactor move.

                  Now in theory and this is true theory A contraint can bind to a mesh and a light.

                  Now I would go down the maybe triggering a constraint responce to bind the light to the interactor.

                  If you are thinking that its going to cast a magical dynamic light within you scene like a flashlight. It will probally suck cause constraints are like thread they bend towards the ground with gravity.


                    i understand now
                    Thank You


                      Any chance of putting the movies where we dont have to sign up plz.
                      So we can just download them.

                      I dont want to sign up for a couple of movies.


                        nice vids, cannedmushrooms

                        By any chance, would you be able to make a vid showing how to edit node setups and everything associated with them? I also noticed deleting an orb station cause the test map to not even spawn vehicles.


                          for mirrors use Actor Classes > Scene Capture Actor > Scene Capture Reflect Actor
                          and use as material Generic > Render to Texture > T_R2T_02


                            cannedmushrooms, I have a question about your movable lights. I noticed right away that your light static mesh fell to the ground when you shot it, and your statue moved. I've tried changing every physics property of the staticmesh actor, but to no avail. How did you do it?



                              Nevermind, I figured out that it had to be a kActor


                                ya veohs my only place to get the vids
                                trust me I have tried many many upload places and veoh is the best

                                The next video will probally be for GOW
                                check out the tail end of this thread


                                Figured out how to import characters and have them attack

                                Without Source code editing!!!