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    Texture packages

    Any good websites for premade static mesh and material packages? I'm looking for real life meshes and material. I want to start making big room maps like one of my apartment.

    Also I bought the book, Mastering Unreal Technology. It was written for the UT2k4 UnrealEd but does anyone know if it's still applicable to the UnrealEd that came with UT3? Is it the same version?

    mastering unreal technology


    I have the same book. There are some similarites between the old/new editor. the main difference is the actor/texture/meshes/etc browser. I have yet to figure out my way around in there.

    the book is great for learning all the basics you will need for mapping in 2004 or ut3. the basics still apply.

    the book also has superb lessons on learning mayaPLE...a must for this new ut engine.

    my advice is to get familiar with the old editor before jumping into ut3


      I already started learning the new UnrealEd with the tutorials that came with the CE. They are really helpful and I am learning a lot already. I made a very small and basic map but I can easily expand on my own. I'll keep the Unreal book then and start reading it. and perhaps make maps for UT2k4 as well. It runs a lot better on my computer anyways :P