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Unreal Ed lighting glitch

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    Unreal Ed lighting glitch

    Hello everyone, as you can tell, this is my first post.
    I joined because I've been using the video tutorials included with the collector's edition to learn to use unreal ed and I came across a very annoying problem.

    I'm not sure if it's a setting that needs to be changed or an ati problem. my graphics card is a ati radeon x1950 pro with the most recent drivers from ati's support site.
    I usually have catalyst control center or ati tray tools running and turned both off in case that was somehow the problem, no luck.
    to show you what I mean, check out this screenshot (resized a bit so I could upload to photobucket)

    has anyone else encountered this problem already and have you resolved the issue?

    I can't think of anymore useful info so if you wanna know something else about the problem just ask away.

    i have the same exact problem, with the same Graphics card, and also the latest drivers

    You can see in your screenshot that to the left of the black unlit area there is a kind of lighter patch
    I experience the same thing with my shaded ceilings in a map i'm currently building
    when i added a light to that ceiling to make it brighter, the ceiling appeared to be translucent, i could see through it upon the upperlevel,, when i moved closer i did get those black patches.

    I currently think that it's caused by overlapping light radius, the translucent area i got, i believe it is actually the textures from the upperlevel 'leaking'through the brushes and mixing with the lighting from the other light, created the translucent effect

    i have not yet tried it myself, but try to avoid lighting overlapping, and see if that fixes the problem

    I got some screenshots for comparison with your problem, but ill need to post them another time.


      No-one will be able to help you until we have some more details; the game's only been out for ~two weeks, depending on territory.

      What were you doing/trying to do when this happened?
      Specifically were you playing around inside a stock map and adding/changing/removing stuff?


        If you are referring to the black "shadow sheets" that are appearing in your map, if they jump around as you move the camera, that is usually caused by the temporary dynamic lighting that occurs prior to building, a glitch in the stencil system if I recall.
        Do a full map build and if they go away, then it is a system/driver/dynamic-shadow glitch and unless a driver/patch fixes it then you will have to work around it.


          @DGUnreal: that's exactly it. it's the temp lighting that causes problems, once I build the lighting it goes away until I alter a light and it once again becomes temp lighting.

          I've just been using unlit mode then every now and then I build the lighting and check it out.


            Yeah, that's what I thought by the screenshot.
            Epic has fixed that in a newer engine build, assuming it is the same stencil issue, so it should be fixed on the first game patch we get.


              sweet. thanks for all the info!