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Will there be un-cooked packages available?

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    Will there be un-cooked packages available?

    Are epic going to make available uncooked versions of the packages in UT3?.. From what Mysterial has said.. i assume you cannot duplicate anything from the retail ones.

    This could lead to some rather interesting things like..

    (1) if your not good at creating textures (im not).. i tend to edit epic created ones to my own needs.. You cant export them so this isnt possible.

    (2) if i want to create a staticmesh using the epic textures.. how do i UV map it without being able to export the texture and load it into maya/max/xsi/blender ect?..

    (3) If a complex material doesnt do exatly what you want, you cant do anything about it. Most people wont waste the time to go through the long winded process of re-creating it

    Simple materials you could re-create yourself just by copying the epic ones, with a good knowledge of the material editor i have no doubt you could create your own versions.. but what happens to the people who have trouble with this?..

    I can do allmost everything needed to create maps/make my own meshes/emitters/ect.. when needed. But i cannot create non simple textures.. This is a major drawback.

    I Very much doubt it.
    The uncooked versions would probably fill a regular blank dvd. lol


      I think you can copy Materials safely using the saving trick - I've done it. Meshes and textures you're probably out of luck with, though - there aren't any plans I'm aware of to release uncooked packages.