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Custom texture packages for Unreal tournament?

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    Custom texture packages for Unreal tournament?

    I'm not at all familiar with making unreal tournament texture packages, and as I understand, you can't run the level unless the textures used are in a package...
    So... how do I make packages?

    It's the most standard procedure. Whatever you import or create to the Generic Browser needs to have a package (as long as it's related to actual artistic assets). So if you were to import a texture file, you can choose what package and cathegory to add it to and it's done. (if you choose a package name that doesn't exist it's automaticly created) After that you simply right click the new package in the list and save it. (the package is saved somewhere in the UT3 folder structure)

    Next step would be to create a material, which you must, to use the actual texture on something. Cheerios