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    Is there any other way to use the measure tool?
    I have a Logitech mouse with a tilt left/right function instead of Middlemouse function.

    Any ini changes or console commands that i can use instead?

    I dont want to change the Setpoint setting since it will fubar my gameplay setting.

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  • started a topic Measure ruler

    Measure ruler

    Is there shift+middle mouse key working? I used it in UEd 3 to see distance between two points. But it doesnt work in Gears of War editor.

    What is it: bug, changed key combination (please tell if it is) or jsut removed that feature? If bug, does it only apply to GoW editor or also UT3? And could this be fixed with patch?


    Whoops sorry i found that now you may use ruler with just middle mouse, without shift

    This thread is solved and may be closed.