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    when is this udn going to be up and running?

    ive got plans to bring many custom player models to ut3 but ive got no idea how to do it, ive used the ut3 editor.. but seems like just a mapping program..,

    i see that all the models are currently in a upk format as everything else.. so i assume theyre all archived, no dearchiver exists yet so no idea what the real format is unless same as the previous unreal games.

    so the question is, using a 3d app, is there going to be a plugin available for users to be able to export models from say max to a format useable for ut3.. and even when its exported, how would you apply this ingame?

    and on a side note, any custom models that are ported, would they be client side only, or serverside as well, and if serverside, how would servers handle getting data to the other clients and getting the custom content data from the connecting client.

    finally, whats the animation system like, are there a series of various skeletons with thier own animations, or is it just 1 skeleton and 1 set, and in total how many animations per/for a model?, are custom animations supported at all and how are they handled?

    UDN is being updated during 24/48h as they said yesterday on their site.
    So i guess when it's back people will guess access to Unreal Engine 3 area


      while you wait for UDN have a look here
      it might help you