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DM-Hardscape [PC][FINAL][PICS]

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    DM-Hardscape [PC][FINAL][PICS]

    Name: DM-Hardscape
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: PC (w/Patch 5)
    Description: "Cold stone and tile. Pipes and pollution. Mech and madness."

    Homepage: Unreal Depot
    Download: Download Here

    Those screenshots look quite good so as expect the map is quite beautiful. but I don't really like this map. While there is plenty of action, the pace is actually pretty slow.

    the central part is almost empty of action with High place hard to reach & those others area are pure madness where you have to walk and wait for the lift

    Still Good Work for the release only lacking proper gameplay design.


      Do you think it would have been better if the central area had been smaller and if the lifts had been replaced with stairs or ramps?


        More changes need to be made. It's not that simple I'm afraid.
        The central part is lacking proper weapons, while the same weaps are put together in a "mess" of ramps, slowlift & blocks. It's quite hard to navigate from a place to another.
        The level-navigation, the "flow", is quite important. Here you HAVE to walk long way just for a particular weapon, need to search while in combat a way out & to get in high place for some Z-axe Fun you have to walk again, take dangerously slow lift or just search the way up.
        It doesn't happen in Umber because almost every part of the map is connect to the central part.