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Epic FPSM (alias Epic Fix for Permanent Slow Motion) [Mutator][PC]

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    Lol. Hehe. Too many bugs and sadly no possiblity to supply these as patches -.-
    Hopefully UT4 will be less buggy and greatly supported... (but before there's any proper game, I'm still supporting UT3 to its fullest )

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    gute Arbeit Herr RattleSN4K3

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    Example of the bug with the perfect music applied:

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    Thanks.. ^_^.

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  • Epic FPSM (alias Epic Fix for Permanent Slow Motion) [Mutator][PC]

    Name: Epic FPSM (alias Epic Fix for Permanent Slow Motion)
    Version: 1.0 Final
    Description: Fix for the permanent Slow-motion with the Slow Field.
    • Fixes bug with open vehicles in Slow Fields
    • Full net support
    • Full compatiblity to other mutators
    • No replacement of any class
    • Works for instant action and online games

    Friendly Name: Epic Fix for Permanent Slow Motion
    Date: April 27, 2015
    Compatibility: Works in 2.1 (+Titan Pack). Prior versions not tested.
    Size: ~ 7 KB
    Comment: /
    Credits: Epic Games
    Coder: RattleSN4K3


    EpicFixPermanentSlowMo v1.0 Final
    EpicFixPermanentSlowMo v1.0 Final incl. Source

    Read the Readme file for more information.