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DM-COMP-Deep-Pro (Improved Layout & Lighting for Gameplay)

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    DM-COMP-Deep-Pro (Improved Layout & Lighting for Gameplay)

    Name: DM-COMP-Deep-Pro
    Quick Download for Playing: DM-COMP-Deep-Pro v1.1 (Released 2014-08-02)
    Version: Pro v1.1
    Compatibility: PC
    Description: One of the COMP maps that was released by Noob Zaibot



    This map was originally released by Noob Zaibot, and I do not take credit for this map. I created the Pro version of this map, with help from members of the community. This version aims to improve the map for dueling, fixes some collisions, changes weapon layout, reduces map brightness and is overall a better map now. This map will be used in the UT3 Duel Tournament (2014). Thanks to Zaibot for making this awesome map, and also being kind enough to send me the uncooked version of this map so that I could make the Pro version possible.

    What's new in DM-COMP-Deep-Pro?:

    v1.1 (Released 2014-08-02)
    • Fixed a few collision problems around flak basement area.

    v1.0 (Released 2014-07-12)
    • Fixed a few problematic collisions
    • Reduced the lighting to about 50-60% of what it used to be. I did this by modifying the material brightness, not the actual lights.
    • Completely changed location of belt and 50a. A lot of thought and playtesting contributed to this decision. The new locations improve the map a lot.
    • Added extra ammo because this map was severely lacking ammo.
    • Changed the locations of rocket launcher, sniper and biorifle.
    • Added a lift to to the room with sniper, and changed the platform where sniper resides.
    • Removed 2 vials around healthpack. The reason is because sometimes, a vial will get wasted if you pick up the first vial, then pick up the healthpack, then pick up the second vial. This depends on your health. Your health must be 75hp or higher.
    • Changed locations of some vials to improve placement.
    • Changed color of lifts from murky poop stain brown to nice reddish magenta hue.

    Screenshot: (click to enlarge)


    Special thanks to Noob Zaibot for the creation of this map.

    Thanks to Novaz, Ezskillz, Legionz, JesusOfUT3 and many others for playtesting this map and offering advice.

    Homepage: - Home of the North American UT3 Community. We do weekly 3v3 TDMs and 4v4 CTFs. We host Duel Tournaments with cash prizes. Check it out.

    Copyright - This map is a modification of the original DM-COMP-Deep with permission from Noob Zaibot. This map and all derivative versions belong to him and all credit goes to him. If you make any modifications of this map, please give credit to either him or myself, depending! Thanks.

    for Playing:
    DM-COMP-Deep-Pro v1.0 (Released 2014-08-02)

    for Playing:
    (DO NOT DOWNLOAD) DM-COMP-Deep-Pro v1.0 (Released 2014-07-12) (DO NOT DOWNLOAD)

    Uncooked for Map Editing:
    Unavailable. Please ask Noob Zaibot for permission for any Uncooked versions of his maps. I have an uncooked version of DM-COMP-Deep-Pro, but it would not be right if I distributed it without his permission.

    As above, a great improvement of the gameplay!
    I quite like the area of 50 armor, the lift is a great idea, maybe feels a bit slow in coparasión with the others,but is not necessarily a bad thing, when you've played before on Map. Thanks for the great work mate.