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DM-COMP-Kabal-Pro (Improved Layout for Gameplay)

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    DM-COMP-Kabal-Pro (Improved Layout for Gameplay)

    Name: DM-COMP-Kabal-Pro
    Quick Download for Playing: DM-COMP-Kabal-Pro v1.0 (Released 2014-07-12) | Backup Link 1 | 2
    Version: Pro v1.0
    Compatibility: PC
    Description: One of the COMP maps that was released by Noob Zaibot



    This map was originally released by Noob Zaibot, and I do not take credit for this map. I created the Pro version of this map, with help from members of the community. This version aims to improve the map for dueling, fixes some collisions, changes weapon layout, and is overall a better map now. This map will be used in the UT3 Duel Tournament (2014). Thanks to Zaibot for making this awesome map, and also being kind enough to send me the uncooked version of this map so that I could make the Pro version possible.

    What's new in DM-COMP-Kabal-Pro?:

    v1.0 (Released 2014-07-12)
    • Fixed a few problematic collisions
    • Made it easier to go from 50a to sniper by adding a triangular ledge
    • Pushed the thighpads out of view of the 50a. This prevents a player from easily sniping the thighpad. Also, it's just bad practice to put armors within line of sight, it leads to bad gameplay.
    • Relocated some of the weapons to improve balance. This is especially good from a dueling standpoint, and leads to better gameplay for duels.
    • Added an extra little cubby area behind belt with health and ammo.
    • Made it impossible for players to use the jump pad to land in the window near belt. This had negative repercussions for dueling, allowing one player to easily steal belt by abusing velocity in the jump pads.

    Screenshot: (click to enlarge)


    Special thanks to Noob Zaibot for the creation of this map.

    Thanks to Novaz, Ezskillz, Legionz, JesusOfUT3 and many others for playtesting this map and offering advice.

    Homepage: - Home of the North American UT3 Community. We do weekly 3v3 TDMs and 4v4 CTFs. We host Duel Tournaments with cash prizes. Check it out.

    Copyright - This map is a modification of the original DM-COMP-Kabal with permission from Noob Zaibot. This map and all derivative versions belong to him and all credit goes to him. If you make any modifications of this map, please give credit to either him or myself, depending! Thanks.

    for Playing:
    DM-COMP-Kabal-Pro v1.0 (Released 2014-07-12) | Backup Link 1 | 2

    Uncooked for Map Editing:
    Unavailable. Please ask Noob Zaibot for permission for any Uncooked versions of his maps. I have an uncooked version of DM-COMP-Kabal-Pro, but it would not be right if I distributed it without his permission.

    I think that the opinion of a player is the most objective, that the opinion of a designer and I think that Neillithan is one of the best players in UT3, not to mention that he is also an excellent mapper too; for that reason I am very honored, he I've improved my maps. I can say that all the changes in this map have significantly improved the gameplay.

    One thing, the wall near to the window in the belt area, looks a bit strange, but I understand the importance of this.

    Thank you very much Neil!