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Western & Tube Meshes - Resources

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    Western & Tube Meshes - Resources

    Name: Western & Tube Meshes

    Type: Decoration/Resources

    Credits: Rumple


    Description: I made the western meshes as a request from a fellow mapper but they never got used. There is a covered wagon, barrel, window with separate pieces so it can be made to be broken, windmill, water tower, water trough, mine cart, saloon doors. The bigger meshes are made of multiple pieces to enable you to get more accurate collisions.
    The tubes I made for a map I was working on but never finished. My vision was a map with scavengers & tubes like a hamster habitrail! There are straight & bent tubes with connecting pieces. Use per poly collisions if you want to be able to walk or drive through them. All the meshes are in upk form. Just open the upk in the editor & right click & rename them into your map. The western meshes have a small test VCTF map with all the meshes assembled & generic wood/metal materials on them from the editor. Feel free to use the test map as a base to build your own map!

    Thanks for releasing these mesh's .
    I've always thought there has never been many western themed maps in the UT series.
    Hopefully a few maps will be made using these.


      Thanks for sharing, but would you like to re-do these by any chance?

      • you have overlapping UV's = poor shadows/lighting, poor ascetics result
      • ^^ a UV program or quick unwrap modifier will fix this
      • bad tiling on textures/materials = difficult for others to use or alter
      • ^^ a better, labelled material set-up can help with this
      • unnecessary vertices = waste of space
      • ^^ model will need to be re-made
      • poor collision models = detrimental to gameplay, inconsequential to ascetics
      • ^^ almost impossible to do with unchecking boxes or generating in the engine

      Please do not take offence, a year ago i did not have the knowledge to be able to say such things and no-one guided me in the right direction so i'm just saying what can be done to improve them.

      OH, a western style back to the future map would be absolutely brilliant. we need voicepacks for that aswel lol


        None taken. I'm not interested in re-doing these. it's something I had laying around & figured if someone wanted to use them fine, if not no real loss. If you have Maya I can give you the Maya files if you want to fiddle with them.


          THX for sharing

          I'll add them to my UT3 resources page