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Backdrop Meshes - Resources

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    Backdrop Meshes - Resources

    Name: Backdrop Meshes

    Type: Background decoration

    Credits: Rumple


    Bonus: Terrain textures exported from UT2004 -

    Concept Map: Small uncooked concept map that you can open in the editor. -

    Description: Meshes made specifically for using as a backdrop for outside maps. Scale these up to fit round the outside of your map. You map is built in the center. There are not meant to be used as playable area. Collision should be turned off for optimum performance. These meshes are relatively low poly but look good from a distance. Apply any terrain/rock material & scale them to suit your needs. These are the raw ase files that can be imported right into UnrealED. There are 4 meshes in this package.

    1: Hills/mountains backdrop - Surrounds the entire map with hills/mountains.

    2: Valley/mountains - Mountains with a huge valley down the center. One whole piece.

    3: Valley A - Left side of valley mesh.

    4: Valley A - Right side of valley mesh.

    Thanks I'll check em out, but would you share the material used too?


      The material is in UN_Rock in the editor. Material'UN_Rock.SM.Materials.M_UN_Rock_BSP_Rock09 _Mossy'


        The material is in UT3 NOT UDK. This IS the UT3 forum after all. You can use this in UDK, you'll just have to make your own material.
        Edit: I added a download for a bunch of terrain textures I exported from UT2004. Many of them are the same ones that UT3 has. They are in dds format & need to be converted to tga to import into the editor which can be easily done in photoshop.


          Great !

          THX for sharing * 2