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Profile Data Exporter [Tool][Service][Updated: May 30 2014]

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    Profile Data Exporter [Tool][Service][Updated: May 30 2014]

    Name: Profile Data Exporter
    Version: 1.2
    Description: This is a simple addon for UT3 to export all profile data to text files and a JSON file.
    Date: May 30, 2014
    Compatibility: compiled with 2.1. Others not tested.
    Size: ~ 421 KB
    Comment: This mutator was written within some days after the GameSpy patch Info was announced.
    Credits: Epic Games
    Coder: RattleSN4K3

    Profile data:
    • Friends
    • Messages
    • Server favorites
    • Stats (pure and custom)
    • Your ranking (pure and custom)
    • Awards
    • Character info


    • Added: Export character info
    • Added: Append time to filename
    • Added: Option to use a custom profile name for the filename
    • Added: Proper messages if export failed
    • Fixed: Tab index for UI elements

    • Fixed: Bad chars in filenames


    Read the Readme file for more information.

    File hashes:
    MD5: 34bfe1c515d9a413e12bc3e47c3c5d06
    SHA1: 290b967c4b7eab69291aa35465d4678c6ed5fdf4
    CRC32: 3e8a2fb8
    MD5: 5091d1d9f89758cfe5d116acba3d17ab
    SHA1: c532ba2d42bfe5fed04554123724313d41ab7850
    CRC32: 88778257

    Older versions:

    This mutator/script/addons/tool contains no malicious code. You can check the source code. This tool is nothing different than other mutators and has no other accessiblity level like any other mutator. This mutator calls some specific functions of the underlaying online system of UT3 - the menus do the same. You can read the profile data and export these to the profile folder of UT3.

    The exported files will be created in this folder:
    %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\User
    After the export, the path is copied to your clipboard. You can simply open up an explorer, paste the copied path and navigate to that folder.

    Each profile data will get a separate file with the extension .txt. There is a special file which will have the extension .json. This file can be parsed be several online services - for instance:

    I have installed ProfileDataExplorer mutator as described in readme.txt. It's not working. After I've querried "read stats" and "read ranking", The output told me that everything was exported successfully. The problem is, that when I look for dump files in m .\User folder, it appears to be empty. Please help


      Running Windows XP? The given path is not valid for XP.
      Check the following path (replacing <Documents> with your documents folder which is in your folder %userprofile%):
      <Documents>\My Games\UTGame\User\
      Otherwise, try to find a file with the name with the Windows Search:

      If nothing works, can you upload the log file to a pastebin and post the link here (remember removing personal data):
      <Documents>\My Games\UTGame\Logs\Launch.log


        1) I have windows 7 x64
        2) Files with ProfileDump_* prefix aren't fount on my PC
        3) Launch.log uploaded to pastebin. Here is the link:


          Thanks. I see why. Fixing it directly. Needs some time. Maybe 5min.




              ah ok! i wait!)


                Updated the first post. Check out v1.1. The main problem was the filename. Your profile contained the asterik symbol (*) which isn't allowed in filenames. I implemented replacing all the bad chars for Windows (except Unicode; these will stay).

                Later on, I will release another version which will allow exporting the char. I totally forgot about that. I need to hurry.


                  RattleSN4K3, Check plz screenshot and log. Didn't work



                    The log says:
                    Error: Can't perform a stats read while one is in progress
                    Not sure why there is one in progress.
                    Close the exporter. Logout. And login again (online). Retry the process.


                      There is a small problem with the 1.1, sorry about that. The player nick inside the files is replaced by the used filename. So your player name inside the written files will be "Lady_D" not "Lady*D".


                        I've added my last version before GameSpy will shut down.

                        This new version has the new option to export the character info. This character info basically stores how you have setup your character. Also important, this new version has proper feedback if something goes wrong with the export. There was a previous problem with the generated filenames based on the profile name. You can now type in a custom profile name if your original profile name (which is already modified) does not work.

                        Check the first post for the updated download link.


                          ProfileDataExporter v1.2 worked!! Statistics transferred to the user folder! thx, RattleSN4K3


                            Rattlesnake... YOU ROCK!
                            Thanks a bunch! Just exported mine.


                              Hehe. Thanks. Good to hear you had no problems with it.

                              I basically had no time to do a proper beta testing phase and so I had to release it maybe unstable (like the naming bug). The last version, 1.2, has even some problems regarding the dialog messages which aren't properly formatted. But this would only be a cosmetic fix. The exporter should be fully functional. Let's see if friends and stats etc. will get a comeback and this exporter needs an update ... who knows