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Epic FOCK (alias Epic Fix for ShockBall Wall Collision) [Mutator][PC]

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    I've created that mutator for the Zero collision fix. That mutator is called "Epic FROC". Check the thread here.

    Now both "fixes" exist.

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    Two sides. You're right that Zero-collision could be a bug as well. But I think having the no collision (just like we played UT3 for about 6-7 years now) and being able to Combo the Ball is better for the game flow. I tried setting the ZeroCollision off, but that resulted into many colliding balls.

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  • replied
    Huh, perhaps shock balls being able to fly near world geometry that close is the bug itself. In all previous games, balls collide if you fire them near edges (e.g. when you're firing behind corners).

    It might be intentional anti-frustration feature, though. As of not being able to make a combo, it's certainly a bug.

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  • replied
    This mutator is only fixing the missing collision for Shock balls near walls. As you can see in the Source Code, it spawned another helper projectile each time a Shock Ball is spawned. It travels the same way (as it is attached to the original Shock Ball). That helper projectile does not collide with the world environment. This makes the ball traceable for the ShockRifle. The original ShockBall switches to "Zero collision" once it overlaps with another Actor/Geometry object. Not sure why, but it'S there and it makes it not-hittable for a ShockRifle.

    The splash damage is normal. That's what the Shock Ball does. The invisible collision may be a design problem with some maps (or the old vehicle debris collision bug ^^). If either the invisible blocking volume or the ShockBall'S collision is removed, it would result into a possible glitch in some cases.

    I pretty much tested the mutator in all server modes (listen server, dedicated, instant). If you see some problems with the mutator, please report them.

    PS: Epic FOCK also fixes the same bug near vehiciles and stuff.

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  • replied
    Great fix for such an annoying and repeatable bug. There is no reason not to install on your server!

    Does this mutator fix the other shock ball bug where if you are too close to an invisible blocking volume you shock ball hits the blocking volume instead of traveling through and you take splash damage?

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  • Epic FOCK (alias Epic Fix for ShockBall Wall Collision) [Mutator][PC]

    Name: Epic Fock (alias Epic Fix for ShockBall Wall Collision)
    Version: 1.0 Final
    Description: Serversided fixing of the ShockBall Wall collision for Shock Combos.
    • Fixes collision for ShockBalls near Walls
    • Full net support
    • Full compatiblity to other mutators
    • No replacement of any class
    • Works for instant action and online games
    • Server sided only
    • No dependency of the package when playing recorded demos

    Friendly Name: Epic Fix for ShockBall Wall Collision
    Date: March 28, 2014
    Compatibility: NOT TESTED (works in 2.1, could be lower)
    Size: ~ 18 KB
    Comment: The name is not in relation to a popular four-letter word.
    Credits: Epic Games
    Coder: RattleSN4K3


    EpicFixShockBallWallCollision v1.0 Final
    EpicFixShockBallWallCollision v1.0 Final incl. Source

    Read the Readme file for more information.

    If you are interested in a fix that mimics the behavior ShockBalls of prior UT games, which doesn't allow ShockBalls to be shot near wall. Check the following thread:
    Epic FROC (alias Epic Fix for ShockBall Zero Collision)