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No Viper Wallride [Mutator][PC]

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    No Viper Wallride [Mutator][PC]

    Name: NoViperWallride
    Version: 1.0 Final
    Description: Removes the capability of doing Wallrides with the Vipers.
    • Removes the capability of doing Wallrides with the Vipers
    • Full net support
    • Full compatiblity to other mutators
    • Works for instant action and online games
    • Optionally: Serversided only mutator

    Friendly Name: No Viper Wallride
    Date: March 24, 2014
    Compatibility: NOT TESTED (works in 2.1, could be lower)
    Size: ~ 12 KB (or 7KB)
    Comment: This is no Bugfix. In my opinion, the Wallride is no glitch/exploit. This mutator is for all the haters and complainer.
    Credits: Epic Games
    Coder: RattleSN4K3



    Read the Readme file for more information.

    Rattle you is too talented and generous to silly haters.

    What's next, wait don't tell me — No Hover Manta! … No Headache Sniper! … No Goliath Go Boom!

    Haters gonna do. Meantime, maybe we could teach 'em the dark art of how to fire an Avril.


      What would you say if I say, you are correct about one of the mentioned No-mutators?... Just kidding... am I? ...

      NoMeHurt mutator xD. What ever that will be ^^


        Btw. this mutator isn't directed to anyone specifically. And there was no request for it, I just made it so one can choose to use it. It's totally up to anyone who's interested in it, to use this mutator and I don't judge anyone wanting to remove the wallride or not.