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DeathMessage Exporter for Demo playback

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    DeathMessage Exporter for Demo playback

    Name: DeathMessage Exporter for Demo playback
    Version: 1.1
    Description: This is a simple addon for UT3 to export death messages while watching a demo.
    Date: July 17, 2014
    Compatibility: compiled with 2.1. Works with old demos and new demos
    Size: ~ 200 KB
    Comment: /
    Credits: Epic Games
    Coder: RattleSN4K3


    Read the Readme file for more information.

    Older versions:

    dis guy....
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    Thank you from me and in adavnce from behalf the viwers that will enjoy to watch the tdm demos


      Well thanks

      Let me know if there is any bug or that exporter isn't working for a specific demo. I guess, it won't work for client side demos. But I already got a fix. If there is a need, write it down
      I could also provide a converter to create a timetable based on these death events.


        Hey Rattle!

        I pm'ed you but my connection was acting up when i did maybe u never got them .
        I found out why the time is not accurate sometimes, it's becaue the exporter starts to write down the frags when the demo starts and not when the actual match starts. No big deal though, u just have to add few seconds to make the time table match and i'm too happy of all the times it's saving ^^ .

        Just i wanted to let you know !

        Also ye i would be interested in the mutator creating timetable, last time on irc you gave me the file, but i didn't realize i could download it -.- , that's why the copy/paste was not working correctly. It worked great aside from the fact it's 1,00 or -1,00; my excel seems to not recognize it and i can't change the number format at all :/ , dunno why actually.

        In case of, join irc and drop me a pm ^^.

        Thanks again for this mutator!! I'm contributing also (for once) in coding sthg and i updated my tdm pov selecter with your ideas. It's going really beter and better ;p!



          Could you provide an example demo file where the time is different. Generally, i'm using the Game's (exact) time stamp. Warm-up rounds could be the problem.
          The timetable converter wil be a program for Windows (exe).

          But I want to fix the timing problem first

          PS: I forgot to add you to the credits


            Ehm. I wrote in the readme file "recommended to use the shipped localization files" but I just saw that I never ever shipped any file along the script file. Woops (File added).

            There is also a bug with some demos which i'm currently working on to fix that.


              I've added a new version (1.1) which fixes several issues with the previous version. This was requested by LLoneworf as he had a demo file which didn't work with the exporter (due to UTComp3).

              Check the first post for the updated download link.


                Not trying to steal your thunder but if you go into UTGame.ini & look for these 2 lines you can turn on death messages. I don't know why they are off by default. They are set to true by default, disabling the messages.




                  Yep. Death messages need to be turned on for this script-mutator.

                  Default values are these (according to untouched DefaultGame.ini which will be used by the engine when no UTGame.ini file is existing):

                  But both values for bNoConsoleDeathMessages needs to be set to false in order the script can work flawlessly.

                  I agree that the Readme file is not perfectly explaining the use and the configuration of this script-mutator. Also the description of this script-mutator is pretty much not-stating-the-truth.
                  The script-mutator can be used to create a list of death of all players including how they died and on what time that happened. This can be used in order to see when special kills of some specific players happen.

                  An exported list could look like this:

                  Such data can be used to create diagrams just like LLonewolf did in excel for instance or any other analysis form. I don't know how he used that data for his needs but I just created a script-mutator for what he requested last year.

                  I managed to forget the localization files two times already . I added a packages containing the loc files now.


                    This guy is so good, it should not be permitted =( .

                    thanks man!