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COMP-2 10 new DM-Duel maps and 1 CTF- map

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    So, any chance we can get DM-COMP-Impulse soon? That way I can review all maps at the same time.


      another excellent map pack!

      All the maps in here need authors names in the preview shots, but all seem to be by N00b_Zaibot and the COMP2 Team. Most of these are for duel and TDM and I can see why.

      CTF-COMP-Blitz > simple, straight, bright, clean-look, decent lighting, nice trim, nice symbols, but needs a better skybox. As far as hardcore, it definitely is with the long narrow corridors with upper and lower paths. I like the jumppads to the powerup at the bases and good weapon placement, but the jumppads seem a little off. This one will definitely require teamwork online, but the bots on my team can’t defend hardly at all. Not sure if Greed really works well for this one though and the other bot team definitely gets toasted in this gametype.

      DM-COMP-Anarchy Camp > I like the gray textures and yellow trim as well as the simple moving skybox and decent lighting/shadows. The Anarchy posted is a nice touch. This one is more open than most of these maps and has great classic gameplay with the bots being good in TDM. If all these COMP DM maps are like this, then I can’t wait to try the others.

      DM-COMP-Azazel > interesting tan and teal colors with hatched pattern trim and good shadows; I liked the symbols and signs (is that one a robot or cowboy?). This one probably has the best skybox/map contrast yet with dark skybox and bright map (like Blitz). The gameplay is good, but the weapon placement seems a little off and I can’t figure out why.

      DM-COMP-Bane > This is another bright one with a fighting grid for the floor and marbled ceiling. I like the light blue trim, esp. around the windows. The gameplay is crazy fun jumping with plenty of z-axis and good weapon placement. Since the jumppads are well-placed, the height differences don’t bother me and the bots can be tough esp. around the high jumppads.

      DM-COMP-Deep > I like the cracks in the walls, skybox, rust, textures, signs, metal plate trim, dash of teal (wait…no….there is more and with tan) and columns. This is an open map with tight areas and good weapon placement. It has fun gameplay and the bots can be tough at times.

      DM-COMP-Fluss > another bright one with yellow trim, moving skybox, music, scratched walls (did someone let a cat loose in here?), signs and designs. I like the powerup locations, but too many trick jumps. The water area is especially tricky, so watch out. The bots can be tough in water area, but easier everywhere else.

      DM-COMP-Frantic > Sometimes the simplest of maps can be the most fun. In this case if you like the flak cannon, then you will love this map! There is no OP! The gameplay can get wild and my bots seem to follow me too close and get in my way (blocking view) more often in here. Regardless, the gameplay is fun and the bots can be very good. This one has a cool skybox, shadows, green trim, signs, bright hexagonal lights and hexagonal floors. Some might say this is too simple and could use an extra something.

      DM-COMP-Kabal > I guess all these maps have bright grays with colored trim/floors. I liked the teleporters, signs/symbols, sweet jumppads, tiled ceilings, metal plate and blue trim, borders, orange/tan trim and gameplay. Of course, the gameplay is good in all these maps. This map has a nice size, but bots are too easy and get stuck in places.

      DM-COMP-Pulse > I like the contrast with the textures/meshes, dark gray/light blue trim and bright walls. The signs, grate pattern, jumps, teleporters and arrows add a touch to the map as well. Some things aren’t as they seem in here, so practice this one before you play online. This has a classic layout like some others and the bots can be tough but mostly easy. I never flew out of the top of this map.

      DM-COMP-Shax > good layout, finally a somewhat darker map wth good contrast, skybox, signs, shadows and trim. The gameplay is crazy and the bots are good with lots of trick jump possibilities. I like the flak cannon in here also.

      Not sure where DM-COMP-Impulse disappeared to, but maybe it will pop up soon.


        Wonderful and addictive maps. Great job, and thanks for still releasing stuff for UT3!


          Just look how awesome this mappack is!


            Seriously though, DM-COMP-Impulse?


              Originally posted by M^vL View Post
              Zaibot, has DM-Impulse been uploaded? I need to complete my COMP collection .
              Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
              Seriously though, DM-COMP-Impulse?



                Bump for awesomeness and lack of DM-COMP-Impulse...

                Been playing these maps a lot with bots lately and while they lack the visual quality and variety of the first COMP pack (they all look pretty similar and I have trouble remembering, which one was what, with the exception of Fluss, because it has water in it and uses the German word for river ), they are really well made and provide great classic gameplay. It's also very impressive that N00b-Zailbot went through the effort of making a good low poly map pack like this all on his own. So, big kudos to this man.

                Also, this thread should get stickied like the other packs.


                  New Backup Link. This one is hosted on our new super fast google drive. This map pack includes the new DM-COMP-Kabal-Pro and DM-COMP-Deep-Pro.

                  Download (PC) Noob Zaibot's COMP2 Map Pack (Includes Pro Versions)

                  -Neil (CaptainMigraine)


                    Greeeeeaaaaaaaaat !!!

                    I'm curious to play the pro's version, THX again !


                      I downloaded the new pack, but it doesn't include the pro versions, just two empty folders... and seriously, what happened to DM-COMP-Impulse?


                        Hi there guys. Thank you very much to all persons interested in this mappack. I apologize for being so long absent. For now, I can not add DM-pulse, because due to my studies, I am far from my home, where my maps are stored. perhaps already for next unreal, I will be reviving my activity as mapper.

                        Again, thanks to Neil for his excellent work. his link has been added. cheers