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    Download -

    Link to original 2003/2004 map@ Mapraider -

    Screenshots -

    Pickups available:

    Bio Rifle
    Shock Rifle
    Flak Cannon
    Rocket Launcher
    Sniper Rifle

    Tigh Pads
    Super Helm
    Shield Belt


    Almost identical to the original UT2003/2004 CliffyB Ownage awarded map made by Emmanuel "Krolizard" Da Roit

    The map is small/medium sized. The maps theme is indoor/industrial/ruins/alps

    Recommended playercount is 2 to 6 players


    Emmanuel "Krolizard" Da Roit for the original UT2003/UT2004 map.

    Hourences for custom rock textures and tutorials

    SteveLois for tutorials

    Bl!tz for tech support

    Nobiax for textures and models

    Odedge for tutorials

    The UOF team for beta testing and great feedback (DarK, Bl!tz, SteveLois, Lord_PorkSword)

    Epic Games for assets and tools

    Nice to see this released! Congrats!


      I'm not much of a UT3 player but this is great! Looks fantastic and play wells. Thanks for making and providing this for everyone!


        Looks great! Glad you got this to final! Downloading...

        Also, Meowcat, congrats on 1500 posts


          Oh my Vandora


            I remember playing the original map in both UT2K3 & UT2K4 and loved it.
            Thanks for making it available for UT3



              Thanks a lot! Will try this map asap.


                Downloaded this map approx. a week ago, but still I kinda like this map. Lighting is very vivid, colors as well and the gameplay on this map is fun. I mean, it is a nice layout and good industrial design and the weapon placement is well done. All in all, thank you very much for this fabulous map and I can tell you, I'm gonna have some good old Unreal time on this map.


                  Final 1.0.

                  I must say buddy that once again, you've made another excellent map

                  The final is even better than the RC I've test a little while ago. Layout, pickups placement, lighting, music, ambient sounds, footsteps sounds, meshing, materials, custom stuff, subtle PP in some areas, everything is all there Another keeper to my collection. Your one of my top mappers bud & I hope you won't stop after this one...

                  Simple, a Thrallala map equal, you must have it into your collection !!!

                  THX again for making a wonderful remake of a classic that I had in my old collection.

                  Keeper, 5 stars map.



                    Very nice job on this one Thrallala!
                    Great gameplay mixed with very nice visuals! ..and I really like those green lights!


                      really a good map! old scooled and all....and what a pleasure for the eyes !
                      thx for your work


                        Thanks for the kind words guys, I'm glad you guys liked it!


                          Fantastic map ! Great work ! Thanks


                            Looking forward to trying this one out. But I'm assured it will be top work from an outstanding mapper. Thanks for taking the time on this one.


                              very good remake!

                              I have the UT2003 SE version and this is very true to the original and possibly made even better. I love the setting of the Italian Alps! Awesome! The details of this map are great with the textures, meshes, cracks, trim, vegetation floors, vines, ferns, lighting, windows, skylights, outdoor breeze, leaves, trees, jagged peaks and winter setting in skybox, ramps/decks, flames, cannon, similar or same music, ambient sounds and layout.

                              The gameplay is classic and fun also and the bots can put up a good battle. Of course, I just started playing again after a hiatus, so it could just be me as far as the bots go. The placement of the Udamage is kind of perilous, but well thought out; I found myself searching for weapons a few times, but once I know the map this won’t happen anymore. This remake is very good with visuals and gameplay and I would definitely recommend it highly for UT3.