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Epic FTW (alias Epic Fix for ThrowWeapon) [PC][Updated: October 20 2013]

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    The previous version caused a linux server to crash. This happened due to loading a not existing package. I updated the mutator. The RelicMadness fix is not somehow separated from the main package. There is no dependency on RelicMadness on the main package. The new separated package should only be installed along with RelicMadness otherwise a (Linux) server will crash on the very first start.

    Changelog v1.2:
    • Fixed: Linux server crashing when loading the main package without having RelicMadness.u installed
    • Removed: Dependency on RelicMadness for the main package
    • Added: Module to handle RelicPowerups

    Check the first post for a download. Hopefully this will be my last version ^^

    Note: If you are running 1.1 and using RelicMadness, there is no need to update the version (in general).