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    Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
    The tank doesn't have a scope either.
    What do you mean? All tanks in the world do have a scope, but it's located inside the gunner's turret so you don't see it. Weapons are a bit different...

    Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
    Plus you view your vehicles in 3rd person. How do you explain that? Does it really warrant an explanation?.
    Yes, it does and I have one: playability. A game simply cannot give you the same perception of things real life does, for obvious reasons. Listen, even the ultra-realistic military FPS called "Arma" has 3rd person view and no one even thinks about blaming the developpers for this. Why...?

    Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
    Should I deviate from the original model design just to slap a scope on it?
    Either that or change the alt fire to something else. To me, this is pure common sense... Seriously, if some day you happen to mod such a weapon for any other game (except maybe Crysis), I'm pretty certain that you will recieve many positive feedback like mine, with however some words about those small things that don't look good.
    As said it clearly, the weapon is overally very well-made. However, I wouldn't be honest not to speak about that problem with the inexisting scope.

    Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
    If someone gave you a hundred dollar bill that had a spot of ketchup on it would you complain about it & want them to give you a clean one? I can't help but be annoyed by knit picking & outright unimaginative responses about things that aren't even worth mentioning in the first place. It works as advertised. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Sorry, this example is simply off-topic. It should rather be something like: "if someone gave you a hundred dollar bill but told you to buy only food with it..." Yes that would be still great. But not as great as using it the way you want, and the way that seems the most appropriate (people that are given money for their birthday, for example, rarely spend it on food...)

    Actually there are plenty of examples of games that allow zooming without a scope: Quake 3, Half life 2, Star Trek Elite Force 1&2 and others...
    Didn't play any of those games except Quake 3 ages ago, but there's a difference between simple zooming and neat zooming with detailed and informative lens, like in real scopes.




        No need to do that, rumple. Everyone has a different opinion on everything.
        I also didn't like the zooming part on that weapon. If it is my weapon, I would add a charge lightning bolt which adds more damage to hit target.

        He was respectful to your work and in person. If you don't know how to answer, then don't answer. Show some respect to others.