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District 9 AMR-B05 Assault Rifle

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    If you completely change the look of the UT2004 assault rifle then yes it looks exactly like it. That's like saying a Ferrari looks exactly like a 79 ford pinto if you completely rebuild it to look like it.
    The ut'04 assault rifle is a bull pup (clip behind the handle), the prototype is not. The ut'04 assault rifle has a drum mag for grenades behind the handle, the prototype does not. The ut'04 assault rifle has a lower barrel for the grenades, the prototype does not. The ut'04 assault rifle has a carrying handle on the top, the prototype does not. The only thing similar is the bottom of the handle is connected to the stock.

    Originally posted by RattleSN4K3 View Post
    If you set a color greater than 1, it glows!
    What is this supposed to mean? Are you referring to the Emissive channel on the material? FYI the material IS the stock rocket launcher material with the textures swapped out. I backed way off on the Specular already. I have no problems with the gun being excessively "glowy" except in a couple stock maps that have excessively bright lights. Do you have your post processing cranked up on intense? If so that's your problem. It makes everything have excessive bloom Making things look more "glowy" than they actually are.

    The enforcer is actually silver...(look at the glow on that and that's just in the editor!)

    The link gun is more gray than white...

    ...and actually glows excessively in DM-Defiance...

    If you're going to use images, make sure they are from ACTUAL game models not artists renderings.

    DM-Defiance with post processing on default:

    DM-Defiance with post processing on intense:

    See the differance in how bright the post processing makes it look. The side of the buildings are washed out from the excessively bright directional lights. Most if not all of the stock maps have 5 to 6 directional lights & most of them have a brightness value of 3 which makes WHITE (color 255,255, 255) things glow.
    Final point, this is a FINAL release. I asked for beta testers. I got 3 volunteers that had NO issues with the gun. I'm not changing anything (refer to the FINAL RELEASE statement <---)


      It's your work. I just said what I would change if it's my work. That's what feedback is all about.


        I see your points snake but I don't plan on changing anything. This project was a request from LordBret & I have 2 others to beta test privately. I wanted just a few people for testing to make it easier to manage changes. I released this to the public just to share my work. It seemed to me that you just wanted to argue as do a lot of people online. I apologize if that wasn't your intention. When I make things for the game I have sounds & post processing on default with everything else cranked up to max. I used to run my post processing on intense but had issues with maps lighting being off to people with it on default (which most people do). Cranking up the post processing does nothing but make lighting brighter than normal, exaggerate the bloom & depth of field effects & make everything bright & fuzzy. I do test everything in stock maps, mostly DM-Defiance because it has most of the weapons in it, it's small, & I know where everything is. The map does have excessively bright lights as you can see in the screen shots. I don't understand why epic made the maps so unnaturally bright but that's the way it is. If you would like to help beta test the next project I'd be happy to get some feedback from you DURING the beta process. Once it's final, it's final.


          I would thank you never enough for your work, it is an old dream which becomes reality.

          Many thanks


            Im seconding though they dont
            exactly meet the new UT3 look great.


              They aren't "UT3" style weapons.


                This it is sure!

                Did you have time to work on the AMR B07?