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    Touhou-Vocaloid-Anime-Halo-GearOfwar-Crysis-MassEffect-Section8-Deadspace links news


    Finally the mod ready to Use (online / offline) and downloading Easy
    Have fun at length : D

    Custom set - custom weapon - custom phys - custopm Arms FPS - facial FX


    Okay now the mods (as some have already left from ModDB I expected I leave the compiled by the host)




    Optional if any link of mega temporarily deactivate - are interchangeable

    DL: fix progress

    UT3 v2.1 o Black edition
    disk size 3.23 GB ( 1,52GB Compress )

    Greetings and other

    Has this pack a new version vocaloid chars following on 3.0?
    Im just asking since thats the latest release on moddatabase.


      Woaw......... !

      It is really impressive!

      Many thanks


        Awesome, thanks for releasing these! What a massive pack.


          Curious if the Gears of War chars conflict with Loki's GOW 1.6 pack before I install these.


            I repacked all the great vocaloid characters only from 3.0 and all additional.
            Now id like to know how to name the package - 3.1 should be okay no?

            P.S.: I cant find out if they
            require the johnny5 soundpackage!

            P.S.2: Yes - the anime chars and toon animals what are the greatest shooter
            characters at all look outstanding in UT3 not to mention in custom maps - (roll eyes).
            Also compliment for the great shiny halopack - also not that bad.


              One question for author, did these skins to be shown in the faction menu with normal name faction, I ask you this cos some another models ( all very great I have all of them keep the good job dude!) in menu faction game it does shows only script coded name factions
              Search on the ut3 chat section forum there is a post with a tutorial about how to show correctly the faction names..

              See ya!

              Una pregunta para el autor del pack de skins, tiene soporte para que estos skins se vean con los nombres normales de facciones en el menu de lista de skins del juego? Te lo pregunto porque hay algun otro skin donde no se muestra correctamente el nombre sino el codigo base de programacion del skin directamente en la pantalla.
              Busca que lo he visto en la seccion de chat del ut3 en este foro, un tuto sobre este problema, deberias de arreglarlo porque no queda muy pro...

              Ya me contaras


                damm nice skin pack


                  love the Halo and Mass Effect... thanks


                    xD I try to improve, but I have other projects in surprises


                      I love surprise dad Christmas.



                        Btw. - why dont have them the
                        O_O expression when hurt or dying?

                        P.S.: Another issue - the mass effect
                        chars are having unmasked eyelashes!


                          be load more than the model could be very heavy for the pc - the model has to move fast if he puts a lot of detail can fail


                            Amazing job done here SKaa3w. And I still have to try out Dead Space and Section8 characters!

                            Thanks a lot for sharing this mod with the community


                              uploaded on (want upload now, look on the posting time)
                              apropo , anyone schould create an 64Bit version of the UT3 executable,
                              then want be easy the models to load, because, all it is using with
                              more core... and it can run on wine64 also ))))))

                              an ut3_64bit.exe want be crewl !
                              the most peoples ... ehh gamers have an multicore Computer ..

                              best regards