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NyLeve's Legacy v1.1 DM/TDM, DOM/DblDOM and Single Player

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    NyLeve's Legacy v1.1 DM/TDM, DOM/DblDOM and Single Player

    NyLeve's Legacy

    "The escaped prisoners have emerged from the crashed Vortex Rikers fighting over the limited supplies salvaged from the crash. The thundering sound of the legendary Ny Leve's Falls dominates their ears as they battle amidst the alien landscape."

    Nyleve's Legacy is the second map for my Legacy UT3 mod. The purpose of Legacy is to remake the maps from the original Unreal game but modernize them visually with my style! This map stays somewhat true to the original layout with a few changes to accomodate the Multiplayer gametypes!


    I would like to thank all my fellow modders here at Unreal Old Friends and at Old Unreal for their help, inspiration and support throughout development of this map!
    A special thanks goes to mAlkAv!An (UoF) for all his help with materials, models, especially the grass and that superb Nali Hut! Without your help this map would not have turned out the way it has! Cheers M8!
    Full credits to Iman Shabani for the alt-fire coding on the Dispersion Pistol! He was able to do what I never could!
    Also thankyou to Achernar (UoF), Winter Dragon (UoF), nELsOn (CBP3) and Nobiax (Deviant Art) for use of their assets! Winter Dragon has re-created some of the original game assets which used in this mod!
    Big thanks to Yuri (FaithMax) for re-writing the original music with modern instruments!
    Huge thanx to Juan Pancho Eekels for creating the original NyLeve's Falls level. I can still remember the first time I emerged from Vortex Rikers into this alien landscape many years ago being filled with wonder and awe!

    Features/Notes (before you play!):
    ***MultiPlayer Version 1.1a changes:
    This new version contains new music! Yuri (FaithMax at Unreal Old Friends) has re-written the original music with modern instruments to go nicely with the modernized visuals of this remake! Superb job on this Yuri!

    MultiPlayer Version 1.1 changes:
    This map no longer uses nELsOn's Fruit pickup which means there's no file conflict anymore! You can now have both his and my maps installed together!
    The maps contain the Dispersion Pistol and AutoMag pickups! You do not need a mutator to enable them, they are included as part of the map! Read DP notes below please!!

    Single Player Version:

    Select Team Deathmatch and set player count to 1!
    Contains all the original Universal translator messages.
    All enemies are just pawns. There are more than in the original just to keep things interesting!
    Use the E key to activate translator messages and switches!
    There still are a few problems with the map but I feel it's ready for you guys to look at!

    Dispersion Pistol notes:
    There is a bug with the DP. If you are changing to the DP don't hold down Alt-Fire, otherwise you'll get stuck in a firing loop. Use another weapons alt-fire to stop the looping!
    The animations aren't the best...blame my novice animating skillz for that!
    The Multiplayer version of the DP uses ammo pickups and a different colour for the alt-fire projectile...the single player version version doesn't!

    My version is roughly 40% bigger than the original map! They layout is somewhat true to the original. One area is missing as it is not required for Multiplayer!!
    This map currently comes in DM/TDM and the 2 Domination Gametypes. Domination uses 5 Control Points!!
    Original score Dusk Horizon for music! Map also contains custom sounds (from the original game), custom materials, meshes and emitters!
    All land based medium health pickups are Nali fruit!
    This map is large enough to easily accomodate 32 players! There are LOTS of pickups!!
    This map requires a decent PC to sustain good framerates! There has been some optimization but it was intended for modern PC's!
    NOTE: It may take a while to load when you first run it!!
    There are probably bugs like floating grass etc...I've hopefully eliminated everything that could be gamebreaking!! I am only an amatuer mapper and also a just a puny mortal human!
    The Multiplayer variants of this map were originally part of the last UOF MapPack! Hence the UOF4 designation on the map name!! These talented folk are still keeping UT3 alive!
    There is still one working lift from the Single Player version functioning on the map! The 'E' key will activate it...if you feel the need to use it!
    Last but not least...please pester Epic to make another Single Player Unreal game! Preferably taking us back to Na Pali!!
    Feedback welcome!!

    I recommend 32 player Team Deathmatch for some hectic fun!

    Last but not least...sadly this is the last release from me for UT3. I'm moving onto greener UE4 pastures. I intend to continue Legacy in the new UT if Epic allow it!


    Multiplayer versions v1.1a(DM/TDM/DOM/DDOM: MediaFire
    SinglePlayer version 1.01: MediaFire

    Vortex Rikers remake (if you haven't played it) here: Thread Download: MediaFire
    If anyone else decides to host these files let me know so I can add any links here! Please also refer back to this thread!!

    Primary Legacy mod thread here: Unreal Old Friends



    More gameplay vids on my channel!


    Excellent work, the map looks great!
    I was playing with a small number of bots and remembered the good old Unreal. Got a great pleasure. Thank you!


      I found that your card is in conflict with the map DM-CBP3-Suraj, which also uses content from fruitpickup.upk. So, if you have a DM-CBP3-Suraj and you set "NyLeve's Legacy" overwriting the file, then attempt to start the "Suraj" will result in an error and crash the game.
      But, it is not critical if you do not have DM-CBP3-Suraj

      P.S. Sorry for my english, use Google Translate

      Update: the same problem with map CTF-CBP3-Andheri


        Ahh ****.
        Just tested this myself and yes, each map will require it's original copy of the healing fruit pickup. If you overwrite my versions with the original NyLeve's will crash.
        This is due to that I was unable to get access to the uncooked originals. nELsOn tried to find the original uncooked file but was un-successful.
        I'll look into renaming my version over the next day and re-upload so I don't cause conflicts with the other two maps!


          Thanks for the post on Epic's site Flak!


            Well done mate. Thanks for the great work, as always.


              Thanx for the comment Demo! Glad to hear ya liked it!

              Regarding the healing fruit issue, I may have fixed that now so it'll run fine with nELsOn's original files. Tested OK on my dev PC using the versions from Suraj map.
              Just gunna test it some more, as if it's working good, then I'll upload the recooked versions.

              Out of interest, are there many DOM fans still around? I've been tempted to release DOM versions of all my maps, which don't already have DOM variants. If people want this let me know.


                Been a busy week Lord but I'm bound and determined to try this out soon! It's looking awesome!


                  all i can say is WOW!!!

                  well thats not all I can say, but that about sums it up very very nice work LPS, really has that original unreal atmosphere, thank you for creating this map and the work that went into it. had great fun playing with it already!

                  Originally posted by Lord_PorkSword View Post
                  [CENTER]NyLeve's Legacy


                    Have you managed to find some way for us to use both your map and CBP3's ones? That would be nice, thanks


                      Unfortunately I wasn't able to resolve the issue. I need the original uncooked nail-fruit files to resolve the issue. If anyone other than nELsOn has these files then I'd be happy to recook the map.


                        can't you just rename your files?


                          Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
                          can't you just rename your files?
                          I don't think that works as the mutator itself has the static mesh package name hardcoded into it.
                          I reckon I tried it and it didn't work, but I'll give it a shot later this week and see how it goes.

                          The Single Player version is mostly ready now apart from the fact it doesn't have any original weapons or enemies in it. I'm tempted to release it anyway but would prefer to atleast have a working DP first.
                          If anyone is experienced with coding and is interested in coding the altfire of the Dispresion Pistol PM me as I have a model but I can't get the coding working. I've based the primary fire on the link gun but the coding of the alt-mode just doesn't work for me.

                          If you'd just like to see the SP version released let me know!


                            Yes, I'd wait for a working DP if that's what you want. Also, maybe by then the nali-fruit file issue will be resolved. This is strange, because I think there was a slight problem with that same exact file in the past either between those two other maps or among those and a third map.....hmmmmmmm........

                            EDIT: The files (fruitpickup.upk and HealingFruit.u) are used with 3 maps that I know of. I can run all three using the files dated 12-19-10 that now come with CTF-CBP3-Andhera and DM-CBP3-Suraj; use these for DM-Phera and this map will run also. That's all I know about this issue.


                              Anyway, just some initial very brief comments: very realistic and love the atmosphere, great vegetation....Unreal Redux at its finest!