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    I dont know why you didn't ask me and karmatized for permission for a conversion, why you named and designed it in a clearly insulting way towards me and how you later can behave like I should be proud of you... What could be the reason for such odd behavior?

    Maybe it was Wup who made you do this diss-theft-conversion and doubtlessly, it is him who's behind the fake forum account fknero here (who else makes an account only to troll by imitating someone's bad English? ) who also published the stolen beta and your nazi-conversion of it on map raider. But you're the mapper, so equally responsible.

    You behave in front of me as if you were still cool with me, but different 'creativity' behind my back.
    And I dont respect mappers without respect for other opinions and for others intellectual property, like your map remakes clearly show.

    VCTF used to be teamplay,
    taxiing and high skill competition before spam maps like yours flooded public VCTF and displaced real VCTF maps and gameplay
    Maybe, if you never did clan-wars-like teamplay VCTF, you didn't notice the loss of decent public maps and gameplay at all.

    But that's the reason for making FickGoodInc out of FeelGoodInc and why my jump hills demand vehicle grapple of hoverboarders, to encourage teamplay!
    you can only make maps with vehicle boosts on ramps and without teamplay challenges - for solitary spam players - if you prefer that.