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    Name: NoShieldHitEffects
    Version: 1.0
    Description: A mutator which will remove any shield and hit effects on characters taking damage
    • Removes the hit effects on characters
    • Full net support
    • Full compatibility to any mutators

    Full name: No Shield HitEffects
    Full description:
    This mutator will remove the effects on a player's character which is
    taking damage. In example, once you shot a player who is having a shieldbelt
    this player will glow slightly to show the effect of being shot. This will
    be removed. In addition any other effect will be removed as well like blood overlay.
    Date: February 6, 2013
    Compatibility: NOT TESTED (works in 2.1, could be lower)
    Size: ~ 3 KB
    Comment: /
    Credits: Kaal979 (request)
    Coder: RattleSN4K3


    With mutator

    Download: (164 KB)

    Read the Readme file for more information.

    Woaah - another super entry for the oldskool files thread!
    Thank you so much - i only hope it wont conflict with the
    brightskincontrol mute - will try it ASAP!

    P.S.: I tried it and it worked as desired!
    Now only the other weapon effects like
    linkgun shockrifle ect. glow looks abit weird.
    Maybe you could add this as configurable
    options or additional mutator?


      Well thanks for your reply.
      I already need to fix as i noticed that this version is only working for standalone games (or listen server).
      So i might add your desired feature as well but i don't know what you mean. Can you make a screenshot?


        I mean when you hit a bot with the linkgun or shockrifle that also
        causes entire body glowings - white and violet - try and youll see.

        P.S.: Maybe even the stinger and
        others - dont remember correctly!