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    Tarny, after playing this map quite a few times, I have a few suggestions that may make the map better:
    1. Put two 'eyes' on the map (one red, one blue), and make each team open their eye.
    - spawn-protect each shade room so the other team cant steal invis/health
    - mostly useful when titan is camping
    2. Move the deemer or give better protection from top-camping titans
    3. There are a couple places that skulls disappear into (lifts on flag spawn/hole) or are unretrievable (fountain)
    4. The high spawn points are awkward. Its easy to miss the hop to the sniper, so you start with 90 hp, not 100, and the other side high spawn cant make that jump, so they can only exit via the flag spawn/hole. If a titan is camping there then they really have no choice but to drop and lose the 10 points.

    Otherwise, great map.


      Hey tarnation. I was looking for that map you told me about. Crystal skull or something


        All, I am thinking of making a Necrotic_SE version.

        Let me know if you have suggestions for a new version.

        What do you guys think of "scaling" the whole map larger by 10-15%?

        Xeanderthal thanks for the input, may use some of that for the SE version.


          I wouldn't go with a higher scaling actually. The map is huge. Does not seem like a good argument for bringing out a second version.

          If your going out for different things, you might wanna try a Winter version. Would be interesting in this map.
          A very blurry snowstorm would definitely seek my interest since Sniping is a strong aspect of gameplay in this map (Since its so open, not much cover points around the middle)

          Furtheron I would not really know why to bring out another version. Map seems strong in every aspect I could think of.
          You cannot really boost any lightning since it would only bring down FPS. So in my humble opinion, I would mainly focus on changing aspects that involve boosting, changing and adding options that could boost dominant gameplay.
          Like adding more sniper and shock rifle nests.

          Thats why I would say a blurry Winter version would be interested.
          A strong saturated heightfog which would create a blurry vision you see in snowstorms , a cold environment, Ice, Snow, and some warm contrast lights,
          to cover up a bit of the harsh feeling of the cold could be a nice addition to the strong map you have here.

          Hope this helps, take it as you please Its just a suggestion.