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Community Bonus Pack 3: Volume 5 Released [FINAL]

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    Community Bonus Pack 3: Volume 5 Released [FINAL]

    We're back, everybody! CBP3 has released a new pack and this might be our best one yet. Hope you enjoy!

    Community Bonus Pack 3 Volume 5
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT3 for PC with Patch 5 (2.1) and Titan Pack

    CBP3 is a bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 3 with levels and other content created by some of the best UT level designers from around the world. Since CBP1 for Unreal Tournament 2003, the CBP has been known for its professional-quality content that is considered an essential addition to any UT install. With 49 awards under our belt, the team has now released the fifth volume of the third CBP generation in celebration of UT3's fifth birthday and UT1's 13th birthday.

    It contains 9 new levels (5 DM, 3 CTF, 1 VCTF) and 1 new character. For more information, please visit:

    Full Volume 5 announcement:

    Comments: CBP forums
    (More screenshots are available on the content page.)

    Credits: The full credits are listed in the README file in the download (they are quite long to include here) but level designers included Ben 'evilmrfrank' Burkart, Daniel 'Greenloves' Ro┼żanski, Mario 'nELsOn' Marquardt, Oliver 'Raz' G, and Kevin 'sklare' Cytatzky; Chris 'Legendary_Lee' Lee created the character; sklare also compiled the pack; and testers DeathoX_8 and Odege deserve an extra-special thanks.
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    It's about time! Great job guys on the latest volume of CBP3! Worth of download.


      no Warfare maps? That is a bit of a letdown... GJ though and thanks..


        Gratz on release guys!
        Some very nice work indeed!


          +1 to what Lord said .. very nice!

          This may just be your best one yet and you CBP peops have done some incredible stuff already so the math on that is simple. It was nice to see these maps progress through the beta/testings phases, some subtle changes and some drastic always in the direction of more polish of course. Glad you guys are still around and still releasing quality "Bonus" content for the community. We have a 8 PC LAN in our home with a dedicated UT3 server, (sometimes some friends & families bring some extra PCs and we game for hours) we'll be putting these through their paces over the holidays.

          <<many thanks to all of ya's>>


            Congrats on the pack going final. I had fun testing and will have more fun playing the final versions. Some very nice work was put into the pack and it's always great to have a fresh "arena' in UT 3.


              Congratulations on the final release! I think there is no need to tell you that you did a good job on this one and that it's probably the best work you guys pulled off so far - but I'll still do it:
              You did a good job on this one and that is probably the best work you guys pulled off so far!
              (Bummer that I didn't get to contribute any freedback due to bad time management/stressy private life + other factors )


                Nice... !

                Good work !


                  THX a lot for this new HQ map pack

                  Happy I could help a little in the closed beta


                    HEY! Never saw this INcoming what a grand surprise ..Many thanks for your work

                    GREAT STUFF..


                      Very nice job CBP team. Had a blast testing these maps and I sure will have even more fun playing the finals


                        Finally a thread here, saw it already on Friday...

                        Definitely the best pack out of the five, very solid collection of maps, no big gimmicky stuff. And it's amazing that you guys are still working on this game. But if this pack can't revive UT3, nothing will. Anyway, I'd like to comment on some of the individual maps:

                        Alpu: sklare, I love you for remaking Tonnberry's masterpiece! I loved that map both in UT and UT200x. It's funny though, it's about seven years ago that I played that map the last time, so I forgot about it. And it first I didn't recognize that this was supposed to be a remake, I just thought "oh, hey, yet another one of these desolated industrial places...", but then it hit me like "wait, this place feels familiar..." xD But this remake is great, good job! It's worth downloading the pack for this map alone.

                        Refresh: I was always a fan of nelson's work for UT3 and this one is no exception. Very fun map, reminds me a little bit of Longest Yard with the UDamage platform out there. But it's a lot of fun, great map.

                        Raed: And this is the main reason why I love nelson's map. NaPali! <3 Are the gates closing when you take the enemy flag? That's kinda cool.

                        Vicinity: Seems really nice, but very hard on the FPS. Can't play this with a steady frame rate, I'm afraid... but maybe with a better computer at some point in the future I give this one another go.

                        Radiant: I loved the DM version for being quite cool looking map full of gimmicks. But I didn't think the CTF version would turn out to be quite a serious map. It's the missing Spider Mines probably, they really dominated the DM version, which can be fun though. But I like how the flag pedestals can be all on fire, that's crazy.


                          congratz mates, u ve input some life in our good old game
                          thx for your quality


                            Thanks for keepin' the dream alive guys! More retail quality action! Alpu is in there which is so sweet. Played the **** outta that map in 2004.



                              A question: why Vicinity is so resource-hungry?