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VCTF-TheGate_HED (greed version)

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    VCTF-TheGate_HED (greed version)

    Title: VCTF-TheGate_HED
    Game: Unreal Tournament 3
    Compatibility: Patch 2.1 and Titan pack
    Platform: PC
    Version: 1.0
    Release Date: 8/16/12
    Author: Rumple
    Gametype: Greed only! This is a uni-goal map meaning the goals sit on top of each other.

    Description: An old stargate sits inside a damp cave in a valley in the deep forest. Badly damaged, the controls no longer work as it it opens and closes randomly for just seconds at a time. Players must enter the gate to score as both goals are in the wormhole that it leads to. The bright sky darkens. Storm clouds roll in as it begins to rain. The sound of thunder echoes through the cave as bright flashes of lightning light up the combatants outside! The wormhole gives you 50 health upon entry and has a redeemer and a sniper rifle pickup.

    Installation: Place all 3 map files in your Published/CookedPC/CustomMaps folder. Place the RCM_X.u & NightVisionin_S.u the Published/CookedPC/Script folder.

    Bonus: RCM stands for Rumple's Camo Meshes. 2 of them are in this map but the RCM_X.u contains a total of 5. It's a pickup that places a mesh of a Rock, Bush, Stone Pillar, Crate, or Barrel on your player. The camo mesh lasts for 60 seconds and respawns in 60 seconds. There is also a Night Vision Goggle pickup! Enjoy!


    hey Rumple

    thx for VCTF-TheGate_HED; just added it to my server and gave it a spin... works fine, i'll put in regular rotation.

    the narrow caverns play well; i think with 10-12 people the cave interior would be a great free-for-all... i'll have to check out the HED server, see what it plays like there (mine is more often populated with bots than humans).

    note: bots walk skulls back out of the cave rather than capping: perhaps the unusual scoring method in TheGate (portal before capping), causes them to not "see" it.

    again, thx for the map!


      I made a kismet sequence that makes them go into the cave but they don't wait for it to open. If you tell them to cover you, you can get them to cap. Bots are silly creatures.


        good new map, but better online

        Needs a preview shot (with recommended player load and author name), although I like the waters sounds, lively vegetation, simple skybox, skull with torch eyes, night vision, hologram, meshes, worm holes, redeemers in worm holes, and thunder sounds. The bots are decent and the tight caves, wormholes and wide-open outside makes for interesting gameplay. Too bad you can't cross the foot bridge above and the bots don't seem to score in the Greed version (I guess I'll have to tell them to cover me, but what about the other team?). Why is this a VCTF with no vehicles? Should it be just plain CTF or did you just want the hoveboards?

        couple other links if anyone is interested:


          Just wanted the hoverboards in there. It takes a while to move around on foot outside so I thought having the hoverboard would be good. I have a double sized version of this I made for VCTF. Its the same layout but in mirror image so it looks like a figure 8. I'll throw together a stock version and post that too.