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    Name:DM - Osiris
    Version: Final [1.0] [July 2012]
    Compatibility: PC [2.1]
    Description: The sand mixes with your sweat, forming a gritty layer on your skin that makes you itch under your armor. The air reeks of electrostatic discharge and dried blood. From the darkness of the tombs below an inhuman scream marks the death of one of your countless enemies. Your only regret is that you're not the one who got the frag. Time to fight.

    Comments: i jazzed it up a little bit; but it is existentially the same map.

    Download Link PC [1.0]:


    * UT2004 Weapons Beta1
    * RipperLite.v2

    - Me
    - Original Map Author: Dave Ewing
    - Warstor [online testing]

    More Images

    Known Issues
    -None;apart from some visual grievances i put aside

    Attached Files

    Oh, goodie! Another UT2004 remake. Downloading and thanks for your sharing. According to the screenshots, very good texturing and lighting (same for UT2004 default contents, maybe); and just I have thought you loaded a bunch of custom weapons required to play this map.


      no custom weapons required;
      -they are just recommended
      Thanks Tux, hope you enjoy
      [do you have a favorite ut2004 map?]


        Originally posted by TKBS View Post
        Thanks Tux, hope you enjoy
        [do you have a favorite ut2004 map?]
        No problem man () and I'm just thinking about the other default UT2004 maps ported to your UT3 map sooner (not listed on 1XTreme's thread)......


          My recommendations:

          Un-jazz it up. Make it true to the original right down to all the pickups. Get rid of the deemer, berserk, jump boots, etc... get rid of added lifts etc...

          Downscale the entire map by 13% so UT3 movement will work and the wall dodges across the platforms can be made in the center courtyard.

          Fix the framerate drops.


            Un-jazz it up. Make it true to the original right down to all the pickups. Get rid of the deemer, berserk, jump boots, etc... get rid of added lifts etc...
            ^^ no.

            Downscale the entire map by 13%
            - 13% would be too much for "All of the Map"- that would be 66? smaller than the default 512 [x,y,z] corridor's, and they are already small.
            - an example;

            - i already scaled the U-Damage area to work for ut3 [maybe 5%]

            - you complain about the improved flow in the courtyard [lifts]; then you tell me to change the scale of the courtyard to improve flow.

            -my minimum FPS in the red zones is 138fps; my max 220 +fps

            - i have no fps drops ; please specify where your problem is, and i will look into fixing the exact area for you..

            - thank you for your thoughts


              I'll try and get to this one in the next day or two, but it seems like it might be fine just like it is. You will need to change the file name eventually though.


                yo mate,
                just tryed ur baby and i liked it a lot, no FPS problems here too (stucked @ my 106FPS up limit everywhere)
                ur texturing is eyecandy and i like all the lil custom touches on items and so
                my only complaint (minor one though) is that i found the sounds part brutal (no variation, ex: torches noise seem to be off and suddently on and loud when u moove by only one step, two sounds radius mini & maxi had be welcome imo)....but perhaps are my old ears too damaged to notice the variations...lolz

                good job and thx for sharing


                  Thank you Bl!tz

                  - The sound is not very professional tbh; i always forget my reverb volumes on maps where i do not build the BSP
                  - + the attenuation LPF Distribution + modulation need total re-working.

                  - i will deal with these another time;
                  * i will almost tone down the "Jazz" and improve some things

                  - im just trying to poke out a couple of hours a week in editor and get all the UT2004/ Old Unreal content working and linked & "playable" to a satisfactory level [or beyond]
                  - then i will go full circle maybe winter and make sure everything is perfect

                  Thanks for your time


                    Loving the visuals, from the pics!
                    Will have to check this one out!


                      I absolutely loved this UT2004 map. Awesome remake, once again!


                        I like the map

                        I still don’t like the rar file construction setup (couldn’t these files be included in the ut3 file somehow?); like the bright and funky skybox, blue electrostatic charges/lights in cracks, music track, added color here and there, water in basement, Anubis’, jump boots, added lifts, berserk and redeemer; no framerate problems here but the flames seem a bit overbright somehow; good gameplay and I like the weapon placement, but map needs another flak cannon.


                          Great remake!

                          Love the atmosphere, more polished in this UT3 version, glamorous layout and custom contents (textures and meshes) that worth a UT2004 look, and I agree with Taffy, weapon/item placement in this version should be the same as UT2004 version, instead of adding more items like Berserk, Jump Boots and Redeemer that would make this map more intense than ever (in my honest opinion). Again, interesting UT2004-styled weapon/health bases, health pack design and additional mutator contents. Adding more lifts would be useful to me , like the skybox, and good at torch particles for polish but the sounds of them are indeed noisy enough. Solid gameplay and the bots are tough.

                          Added to