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  • DM-RB-Morpheus99

    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT3 V 2.0 + Titan Pack
    Player count: 5 - 10


    Remake of the classic Unreal Tournament 99 deathmatch map Morpheus.
    Map is set on the rooftops of three giant towers that reach out into space.
    Layout and gameplay is close to the original, the only difference is the Flack Cannon in place of the missing Ripper.

    Gameplay video:










  • #2
    Great stuff. Good to see you still releasing work.

    The last thing you said was
     Initially I wanted to wait until they were all finished and release them as a map pack, but I think I'll post each one separately when it's finished.
    ^^ that was regarding your mirros edge maps;
    - so i stopped working on my mirrors edge maps and started doing more Unreal - ut3 conversions.
    * now i see you release this
    - Umm lol. coincidence?- only kidding love your stuff
    - but seriously; no more mirror's edge maps?

    - me thinks we should team up


    • #3
      As usual; really nice clean work.

      [images do not represent map quality/ i used 'paint']

      - But something that is not like you is this

      - sorry but those stock ut3 goo barrels do not look good
      - where are your rigid bodies
      - where are your explosive barrels?

      And here you have no trim on the floor

      - extend the trim along the floor a little bit
      ^^ i think your usual standard is alot higher than this.

      - but the gameplay mechanics are just right
      - map is old skool
      - and like i said, these images were scaled down in 'paint'- sorry about the mess
      - really nice clean work

      - thanks for the map - you saved me a few hours work


      • #4
        I have not "quit" making Mirror's Edge maps. I just felt like making this instead.
        I should stop making long term promises, since after all I'm doing this in my free time, and everything is subject to change.

        Originally posted by TKBS View Post
        - sorry but those stock ut3 goo barrels do not look good
        - where are your rigid bodies
        - where are your explosive barrels?
        On the "goo" barrels that's subjective. I liked them hence why I picked them.
        As for physics objects and explosive barrels, they are not there on purpose. The entire point was for this to be as close as possible to the original. There are so many "alternate" Morpheus maps out there, so I just wanted a simple remake.
        Physics objects and explosive barrels would've been out of place.

        Originally posted by TKBS View Post
        And here you have no trim on the floor
        - extend the trim along the floor a little bit
        I honestly don't understand what you mean, it looks fine to me.


        • #5

          ^like this

          - and yes - it is your map ; if you like the goo barrels
          then keep them - it was a purely "imo-subjective statement"
          - i like your floating space debris in your gravity map;
          - it would look good here maybe

          - as for the ripper
          - just add this to your OP

          recommendations : ripperlitev2

          Thanks for your map


          • #6
            Love this, brings back good memories! Thanks a ton!


            • #7
              Originally posted by TourianTourist View Post
              Love this, brings back good memories! Thanks a ton!
              Must agree with that statement! Love you work, thanks for sharing



              • #8
                This remake takes good memories. I'll check it out later.


                • #9
                  very fun to play, i was quite more comfortable on your version than on the original, it feels less cramped....dunno why...
                  stinger 2ndary and shock riffle primary shots are funky to send your opponent in the middle of the galaxy
                  good athmo and improoved visuals = good remake
                  thx for your work & for sharing


                  • #10
                    looks like Morpheus from UT but with better graphics; true to the original and still fun to play; bots can be tough, but I beat them the first time around.


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                      • #12
                        Fun remake!

                        This remake has more potential one with visuals, details and gravitation; also I love the addition of sounds that are like mechanic, electric, crumble that makes this map shine, also the jump pad sounds that hear like UFO noise/wavelength (sweet!). The gameplay of this map is more natural than the original one (in my opinion), and I agree with Bl!tz~'s comment, those two weapons can be useful for fragging your opponent. Bots are fine here.

                        Mirror to


                        • #13
                          Thanks for the nice, clean Morph Remus! Got the classic music in there too - perfect!


                          • #14
                            Added a mirror for you I have also added it in rotation on our newmaps server at

                            Nice map I always was a fan of this back then

                            Greetz zunnie


                            • #15
                              PS3 cook now up at UT3MOD.COM - DM-RB-Morpheus99