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Johnny 5 - Short Circuit Voicepack UT3

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    Utzone keeps messing up when I try to edit the post, it disappears then when it does come back there's 4 of the same posts! Edit: It's uploaded to utzone Here: Johnny5 (and others) At the time of writing this it's still waiting to be approved.

    Let's hope it works this time.



    • #17
      I assume it's OK now? Works for me properly anyway.


      • #18
        Such a cute robot VP!

        Whaddya know, the voice pack really works now. Thanks for the fix (all because of me who helped ). All clips are funny for this cute robot when the player fragging bots, lol. Thanks for a bunch!


        • #19
          Thanks for the Input!

          - although i think he should say "NO, nooooo disassemble"- when he dies, instead of j5 is alive; coz that makes no sense.

          - cool work; funny image
          - now for character the rigging you need this...

          and some more free time;
          - or if i can get Eurechplayer to give me a character rig tutorial ; maybe - just maybe


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            Here's the page of this VP through my NEW homepage:


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              sorry to jump on this thread again;

              - but ..@ TUX

              For those to young to
              Should be
              For those too young to

              - also cool you got a page; ill check it out

              - This voice pack is great fun; for new players and for oldies who saw the film so long ago.
              Great work


              • #22
                Bump! URL updated, now with my new homepage is finally open:
                Five mirrors: my new homepage, Dropbox,, GameFront and