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DM-Albatross 4.0 [PC]

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    Hi, I'm having a problem with the Lightning Gun... While I can see the weapon ingame before picking it up, each time I want to use it I can't see the model in my hands. Everything else works, I mean I can shot, use the zoom, etc... but the model itself just isn't there. I have installed everything like in the rar, with all the folders (CustomWeapons, Packages...).

    Any idea what's going wrong? I'd really want to add this excellent remake to my collection!


      @Firmament: He's updated the new Beta 2 version of UT2004 Lightning Gun because had a fixed issues, the mutator itself included in this map is Beta 1. You can download the new version of the mutator from the link here:

      PS: This map will be updated soon as TKBS announced.


        Well, I have replaced the files of the fixed lightning gun from your link with the ones in my games folder and this time the map simply crashes on start

        I guess I'll have to wait for that new version of the map much like everyone else. Thanks for your help, regardless.


          Sorry about the F__k Up guys.
          Please note:
          - The reason Lightning Gun was in the map is because i cannot code very well.
          - Making a mutator was very hard for me to do - but i think it now works
          - LightningGun 2.0 upgrade means that my DM-Albatross Broke

          - As such i have made a few changes to the DM-Albatross Map.
          - Before release i will PM everyone in this thread with a new link, i would appreciate a response / feedback asap.

          Sorry for any inconvenience this has cause.

          // and don't forget this was extremely hard and annoying for me to make.
          - all of the improvemenst and changes are based on people's feedback and my stubborn perseverance


            Screw it

            Guys try this please.


            - ps3 new link ON FIRST POST

            ^^ this process is as annoying for me as it is for people to have to download a new file

            - sorry for the inconvenience- this map and weapon pack has been hell to create


              Okay, everything works fine, now. Thanks for your hard work, coding is hell of a task sometimes

              Just one thing, on your previous unfixed map (the one that had the integrated lightning gun weapon), I noticed that the lightning effect was totally similar to the UT2004 one. With your mutator, the said effect is more "cartoonish" and overally bigger. I believe I prefered the old UT2004 one, by far. This is my opinion, of course, and is not a big deal as the map and mutator as such are already a must have for these old UT fans

              Again, thank you!


                my review will be coming soon

                (Cut to corner of cinema. A man in an ice-cream girl's uniform is standing in a spotlight with an ice-cream tray with an albatross on it.)

                Man: Albatross! Albatross! Albatross!

                (A customer approaches him.)

                Customer: Two choc-ices please.

                Man: I haven't got choc-ices. I only got the albatross. Albatross!

                Customer: What flavour is it?

                Man: It's a bird, innit? It's a bloody sea bird . .. it's not any bloody flavour. Albatross!

                Customer: Do you get wafers with it?

                Man: Course you don't get bloody wafers with it. Albatross!

                Customer: How much is it?

                Man: Ninepence.

                Customer: I'll have two please.

                Man: Gannet on a stick.


                  cool remake!

                  yep, ok I’ll shutup about that already; nice remake, sky’s a little bright but I like the surrounding trees and “things that formed as the Earth cooled and erosion happened”; I remember this map and it has a killer layout and is great for 1on1 and 3 players and possibly 4 players; needs blocking volumes at ends of river as I was able to wander into oblivion; bots are decent but could be a little better.

                  Albatross! Get yer Albatross here!


                    Excellent remake...colors really pop on the PS3 ver. and plays great.
                    Thanks for the update to the PS3 cook.




                        nice map mate, very pleasant to play and to watch ...thx for ur work and for sharing...


                          Cheers Bl!tz

                          PC Download Link Version 4.0 [22/07/12]

                          Changelog 4.0/ Version 4.0

                          * Added scrolling [animated] preview images like ut2004
                          * Created the shadow in the tunnels [as seen in UT2004- a must see]
                          * Bumped up the Lightmap Resolution []
                          * Toned down the Sky
                          * Moved ammo in the tunnels [because bots were being silly- a vital update]
                          * Added some blocking elements to the map, although some gaps may still exist [perimeter]



                            I get this error every time I load into the map...



                              ?- your image is not visible


                                PS3 cook now up at UT3MOD.COM - DM-Albatross