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DM-UDKFoliageMap [PS3]

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    DM-UDKFoliageMap [PS3]

    Title: DM-UDKFoliageMap

    GameType: Deathmatch
    Players: 2 - 6
    Credits: Epic / UDK Content, Gildor [conversion tool],
    Music - I think it was...Alexander Brandon & Michiel Van Den Bos; tbh i forget where this track came from; but i think it was their from UT99
    Description: this is just a small conversion of the UDK Foliage demo map.
    - please note -
    * This is not a comprehensive map build;
    - there is none of my usual special effects; no fancy lighting and little gameplay consideration;
    - the materials are 'new' but the textures and assets are UDKFoliage etc
    - the reason i chose to not spend much time on this is because there is no benefit to it; it already looks good and is fun for 2 people.
    Download Link:

    - I suppose this Map is in some part a representation of UDK-thus im gonna add this...

    “Portions of the materials used are ®, (tm),(mr), and/or (mc) Epic Games, Inc., and/or copyrighted works of Epic Games, Inc., in the United States of America and elsewhere. All rights reserved, Epic Games, Inc. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Epic Games, Inc.”

    A PC version is planned ?


      planned? - lol obviously the PC version is already done. -
      // no-one can reverse engineer the ps3 file so that is why i uploaded it.

      * PC version will not be published until i get a reply from 'Flak..'
      ...and even then it has something bugging me that i would really like to solve; namely this...
      -[Question.] how can i group 212 mesh [interp-actors] together as 1 named variable; and then hide all these actors.?
      - anyone know?


        I'm exited to be able to dwn this pack

        As for the grouping, select your meshes and in their properties (f4), open the Object category. Add a name to your group so you will be able to see them in the generic browser after in the group tab

        To hide them, in your generic browser, unselect the group so it won't show up in the editor.

        Hope it help.


          - That is not what i meant; but thank you for the attempt Stevelois

          Specifically; - its the night and day sequence i was doing/ + with rain sequences;

          - so its a kismet question;
          - no matter what i do the rain mesh will not hide


            same 1 must port ut3 too UDK and fix ut3 too with that engine