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Unreal Old Friends Extended Gameplay Map Pack

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    Unreal Old Friends Extended Gameplay Map Pack

    Name: UOF EG Map Pack
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack + UT3DOM v. 5
    Release date: December 20th, 2011
    Homepage: UOF

    Description: These Extended Gameplay maps are built on the 'UOF DM Map Pack' and include many changes. While Deathmatch is the preferred mode within UT3 we understand other gametypes occupy the hearts of many of us. Our Extended Gameplay pack is a salute to CTF, DOM, DDOM and Greed.

    Maps & game types:

    Amissa Night Edition by Stevelois

    Insidious by Bl!tz
    DOM, Greed

    Itarion by Stevelois

    Skives by Achernar
    DOM, Greed

    Tapinak by Odedge

    Tapinak Night Edition by Odedge

    Vortex Legacy by Lord Porksword
    CTF, DOM, Greed

    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

    Download for PC (Manual installation, 334 MB):

    Google Drive

    Download for PC (Windows installer, 344 MB):


    Manual installation:

    Extract the UOF Map Pack 3 EG.rar archive into :

    "...\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps" directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.

    Automatic installer:

    Run UOF Map Pack 3 EG.exe and follow the steps. All files will be added into your CustomMaps folder. Note that a uninstaller is added in your Windows programs menu.


    Level designers
    'Achernar', Nicolas Green
    'Bl!tz', √Čric Rigard
    'Odedge', Jeff
    'Lord PorkSword', Michael Lomman
    'Stevelois', Steve Loiselle

    Officials announcements, advertisements, compilation and upload, main readme, readme template

    Windows Installer, Greed conversion

    Wallpapers, DOM conversion
    Lord PorkSword

    Showcase Video

    All level designers and 'Sly.'

    Epic for the editor & assets
    ClickTeam Install Creator for the free installer
    UT3DOM for the mod


    UOF Map Pack (pack #1), released July 2010
    UOF Map Pack 2 (pack #2), released April 2011
    UOF DM Map Pack (pack #3, part 1 of 2), released December 2011
    UOF EG Map Pack (pack #3, part 2 of 2), released December 2011
    UOF LP Map Pack (pack #4), released July 2013

    Hope all you DOM fans out there have fun with this pack!


      *thumbs up*
      How can't you enjoy such awesome maps?

      PMing Flak about the release.


        Thanks a lot for making this a sticky thread as well Flak!
        Now players definitely won't miss the second part of this bundle of awesomeness!


          S-s-s-second part-t-t-t 0 spectacle lol


            Happy to hear your enjoying the spectacle M8.

            @Lord PorkSword
            Just wanna say thx for all your hard work on converting DM-Skives do the DOM game type - not to mention your awesome lighting changes. Top job! Apologies, technical difficulties prevented me from properly crediting you in the readme.txt.


              downloafd wow good luking maps
              love the dom maps where can i play it online


                Looks like I'm a couple map packs behind and a dom fix. I'll catch up soon.


                  Just about to review these maps. Is it true (based on first post in this thread) that the only map that really works with CTF is Vortex Legacy? Thank you.


                    IIRC yes that's correct! I'm a fan of having the greed flag bases seperated, hence why Vortex also works as a CTF map and not a pure greed map.
                    I've tried to balance it for CTF and had mostly succeeded with this endevour!


                      another good map pack!

                      Since I already commented on them in the other thread, this will be some brief comments on gameplay in the particular game types only. If someone feels all the comments should be here, then let me know and I'll cut and paste.

                      CTF-GRD-UOF3-Amissa-NE > Like I suspected, this was crazy fun with Greed at 5on5. I'm guessing online you really would have to try and get someone just before they score a bunch of times for your team to win this one.

                      CTF-GRD-DOM-UOF3-Insidious > This one plays well with Greed...just go round and round and round and jump. Bots are a little easy in DOM, but a little tougher in DDOM.

                      CTF-GRD-DOM-UOF3-Skives > This one is a tough play with Greed and the bots are good (probably because it's rather tight). It's somewhat tough in DOM and DDOM also. This map actually froze a few times while I was playing it; it started up again a few to several seconds after each time (my system is almost exactly 3 years old though if that makes any difference).

                      CTF-GRD-UOF3-Tapinak-NE > This one was fairly open and fun with Greed as long as you don't spawn at the corners of the map.

                      CTF-DOM-UOF3-Vortex Legacy > CTF actually is not much fun in this one for me; I couldn't really see where I was going and I couldn't find the flags; DOM and DDOM were a little better. It's almost as if you need the CTF arrows all the time in this particular map.

                      DOM-UOF3-Itarion > DOM and DDOM are tricky, but still can be fun if you're careful.

                      DOM-UOF3-Tapinak > DOM and DDOM are fun in this somewhat wide-open and many-pathed map. Probably a good idea to hang near the center node often.


                        Cheers for the reviews M8!


                          Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
                          And THX again m8