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Unreal Old Friends Deathmatch Map Pack

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    Originally posted by Sly. View Post
    Thanks for making it a sticky thread Flak!
    ...+1 ...big thx Flak



      Hi cousin, hope that everything is going well for ya


      Hey, been ages I didn't hear from ya !?! Well, THX for the compliment & have fun m8. We would certainly enjoy another map from ya héhéhé


      THX for the sticky status, much appreciated


        Originally posted by Bl!tz~ View Post
        ...+1 ...big thx Flak
        +2! Cheers Flak


          having a bit of fun with this now. i like the map called "breaking through". and also the one that is an old map, but new, and the Steve Lois entry into the world of low grav fun. insidious was fun as heck on unreal championship, or wherever i played it before this( igets confuse, with all the selfinflicted memory loss.)

          i still need to sink my teeth into tapinak more,
          and as is the case i projects past, SwordPork Lord delivers the ambience,atmosfear, and awesome that some of us who don't actually participate in the development cycle of these projects has grown to appreciate.

          i love this game a lot for the fact that the replay value lies in the hands of dedicated fans and players who still breathe this game.


            Thanx for the comments rek! Muchly appreciated!


              yup, thx Rek


                cool DM map pack!

                DM-UOF3-Amissa > I like the custom textures/meshes, ambient sounds, custom music track and lighting as well as the architecture and play of colors on the rocks. The gameplay is fun and has a classic feel to it. It's really hard to tell this is based on Albatross unless you play both maps back-to-back. The bots are fairly good in here also.

                DM-UOF3-Amissa-NE > The lighting really brings the map to life in this night edition and the opponents are somewhat harder to find. The cobwebs really come to life at night and the sky is great!

                DM-UOF3-Insidious > Aha, I remember this one from the UT2003 ladder matches I think (unless I'm thinking of some other map). Anyway, this is just as simply designed and fun as the original and I like the updated UT3 look. I almost screamed (ok I did scream) when I fell into the fan.

                DM-UOF3-Itarion > This one is either loads of fun or a PITA in TDM and Betrayal with the crazy cubes, good shadows and falling death as well as good music choice. It's a good thing there was low gravity; otherwise, I would have fallen a lot more often.

                DM-UOF3-Skives > This one has great classic gameplay and simple looks. I like the windows, woodwork, tiled floors, music choice, fog on the lower floors, jumppad sounds, breaking glass, and the sound of spikes up my a$$. The bots are not as good in these last 3 maps as first one.

                DM-UOF3-Tapinak > The skybox is boring, but the rest of the map has a cool oriental theme with fitting music track. A simple map with simple pleasures makes for a fun fragging environmental and classic gameplay.

                DM-UOF3-Tapinak-NE > The night version is different from the day version as Babylon Night is different from Babylon. The sky really comes alive in this versions and reflects upon the features of the map.

                DM-UOF3-Vortex Legacy > Is it Unreal or is it Memorex? It's similar yet different but the same. I like the new twist with the neon and fitting music and you gotta love the lifts and tunnels. I didn't like the slow field and redeemer in these tight quarters.


                  Cheers for the map reviews SkaarjMaster!


                    Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
                    THX for the reviews, it's always much appreciated


                      good work man.....