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Legacy(Vortex Rikers v1.1 - PC, PS3)

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  • #31
    Another pic from my Ny Leve's Falls remake!


    • #32
      It's gonna be LEGEN-... wait for it... -DARY!
      ^I guess this should reflect the general opinion of many members around here - including me.


      • #33
        really glad to see that u have some official support Mick! the quality of ur work really deserves this! thx to you for your efforts to bring back this legenday game and thx to Flak for the heads up


        • #34
          O'my gaz poksword thats insane for your side! wow keep it going mate you can! great memories!


          • #35

            I have no words for this!


            • #36
              Maybe Epic Games will play this! And they'll do Unreal 3!


              • #37
                Here's hoping they will!

                In the meantime a UT3 port to UDK would be nice! hint hint


                • #38
                  Lord PorkSword, if you didn't read what I already wrote in 2 different threads about Unreal Legacy, then that's sad...
                  ...Anyway, what I wanted to say here, is that Alexander Brandon himself is a member in the music sharing site SoundCloud. Near the end of last year, he released a new upload which surprised everyone who was a fan of his, and all Unreal fans who heard of it as well - It was...(DRUM ROLL)

                  ...A remastered version of Flightcastle!
                  Yes, he released Flightcastle 2.0, a remix of the original Flightcastle, which is really similar to the original. Something in it seems kinda missing, but it's still great.
                  Probably gives you now a reason to also make the Nali castle flyby.


                  • #39
                    Just finished the first episode, gotta say i loved it. Way to go lord


                    • #40
                      Glad to hear ya liked it M8!
                      Thanx for leaving a comment!


                      • #41
                        looks great guys!


                        • #42
                          Cheers M8!

                          For those that don't check the main thread over at's a pic from thee Tarydium cave:

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	cave3.jpg
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Size:	89.5 KB
ID:	3248947


                          • #43
                            A light skaarj warrior on this map:
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Legacy002.jpg
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Size:	85.6 KB
ID:	3248949
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Legacy003.jpg
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Size:	93.4 KB
ID:	3248950
                            Floating rocks in the sky made me think about ONP.


                            • #44
                              That model is a modified Unreal 2 Skaarj model by mAlkAv!An over at UoF!
                              You can see some of his great work here!
                              If there's any peeps with experience on custom characters and custom animations some help would be greatly appreciated as I'm having issues getting the Skaarj working atm.


                              • #45
                                Hey LPS

                                I have to say this project is very cool. I am very impressed with all the techniques you have brought to bare on this, so well done! I'm afraid I don't the animation skills your looking for but if you don't find what your looking for here I reckon you may have luck if you cast your net a bit further afield. Say:

                                CG Talk collaboration thread:

                                BlenderArtist collaboration thread:

                                Its a relatively small job so should not be too taxing for an animator/rigger to review.

                                Best of luck with this project champ.