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Sergeant Al Apone Voice Pack for UT3 v1.1 [Updated: 25-Oct-2011]

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    Sergeant Al Apone Voice Pack for UT3 v1.1 [Updated: 25-Oct-2011]

    Sergeant Al Apone Voice Pack for Unreal Tournament 3
    Version/Release Date: 1.1 – October 25, 2011 (GMT+8, 11:21 AM)

    Al Matthews plays the role of Sergeant Apone in James Cameron's critical acclaimed 1986 science fiction action film Aliens. Apone was sent out to Acheron LV-426 to investigate the incident at Hadley's Hope, and was the second in command of the squad when he joined the Colonial Marines Corp. He later achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. Now this cigar-chompin', smack-talkin', gun-slingin' tough guy is gonna show you how it's done in the Tournament!

    "Another glorious day in the Corps!"
    "Are you lean? {Yeah!} Are you mean? {Yeah!} WHAT ARE YOU? {Lean mean marines!} WHAT ARE YOU?"

    4 Acknowledgments
    12 Friendly Fires
    4 Encouragements
    19 Other/Miscellaneous
    22 Taunts

    This is my first voice pack that I decided to port this one over to Unreal Tournament 3, this one is maybe the hardest thing to make the VP better. Take note that some of my sounds are using the same clips in the Flag/Orb section as you would that I should rename my .WAV files to recognize some samples I used. The default model attached to this voice pack is Othello from 'Ronin' faction, you will find him in the existing faction due to the updated version of the VP. I think I should recall him Al Matthews by now an actor, instead of playing his role as fictional character title though. The sounds are now 16-bit, 22 kHz mono .WAV files (8-bit sound PCM format are no longer supported due to a current Unreal Engine 3).

    v1.1, 25-Oct-2011
    • The default Othello voice is used in the areas in which this voice pack does not cover plus added the code "LocationSpeechOffset=2".
    • Moved the character to the 'Ronin' faction. Removing my own faction that doesn't have the custom model for this character. Created the removed lines ("minus" prefix syntax) in the UTCustomChar.ini.
    • The primary content package of this voice pack is now "uncooked".

    v1.0, 17-Sep-2011
    • Original release version of the voice pack.

    Simply extract the "UTGame" folder from the RAR archive to the directory below (different paths for Windows platform):

    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\My Documents\Unreal Tournament 3
    7/Vista: C:\Users\(username)\My Documents\Unreal Tournament 3

    Once installed, you will find the character 'Al Matthews' in the "Ronin" faction.
    To get the best out of the voice pack, set as a team bot or player. This way at least you'll hear the taunts from the team bot.


    Al Matthews (Sergeant Al Apone) Voice Pack v1.1

    OP updated. Voice pack added to my Dropbox space.


      Bump! Two download links of this VP added: my new homepage and