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    Compatibility:Patch 2.1/Titan pack.
    Description:Temple of Beatitude for Unreal Tournament III.

    Credits:Sidney 'Clawfist' Rauchberger for original, Xtremexp for converter and Poppersia for PS3 version.
    Download for PC:
    Download for PS3:

    wow map look good i like nice ut99 remake


      thanks cat, it's just a port with updated textures from unreal hq


        looking at the pics:

        - scale that floor [larger]
        - add variation to the walls
        - first pic: the trim on the edges is always a good idea.
        ^^ maybe just simply duplicate this material & extra material expression = add a multiply/add of the same material, or a constant 3 vector and simply make it darker

        - only slighty for eye-candy as they say

        - try to use the trim like pic 1 - all over your map- this would be nice ...
        [see DM--Roughinery for similar conversion with nice trim]

        - bust a light on that and get your shadows on..

        - will download to test once it has been updated.


          Also mirrored on Mapraider's three mirrors, along with additional screenshots:

          Edit: Both the original PC version & the PS3 version poppersia cooked are available.


            looks like good remake

            could you do a ps3 cook please , i thought there was ps3 version when i saw tread icon



              @ FreakinMeany: thx but don't mirror on map-factory, I already did this.
              @ Poppersia: for some reason I can't cook maps even for PC, when I try to do this editor crashes.
              I don't know if uncooked version can be run on ps3 as on PC.


                here is link to PS3 version :-


                Net Lizzard - ill try cook other two maps later


                  good remake!

                  This one needs an in-game preview shot (fixed). I like this UT3 updated version of a UT classic. It's a little easier to CTF with bots, but bots are still decent. The textures are slightly different than the UT ones, although I'm not too sure they go well together. I like the water with lily pads instead of the slime, but the skybox could have been better. This has the same classic CTF gameplay of original and more health/pickups to help.