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    Name: DM-Idoma

    Version: Final.

    Authors: Fartuess and MJpoland

    Description: Small atmospheric map set in a building constructed out of lots of wood and metal.

    Sjoerd De Jong aka Hourences for original Idoma
    ExtremeXP for UT3 Converter (we used it to convert original BSPs)
    [PHX]VitaCola for converting some meshes and textures
    Wolfy.Brandon for intensive beta testing
    Phoenix Clan for testing
    And for all of you who gave us feedback during development of this map

    Type "ce performance" in console if you have problems with FPS count.(May not work in multiplayer)


    Beta testing thread:



    My next target is Rankin remake which will be based on lordz remake (i hope he won't be angry . And will have original mesh placement, new lighting, beter materials, and a bit more intense action

    Originally posted by Fartuess View Post
    Wolfy.Brandon for intensive beta testing

    Originally posted by TourianTourist View Post
    Very accurate remake of the original. One less reason to go back to UT2004. Thank you very much.

    I am very happy to have this map in UT3 as it was one of my most frequently played, and favorite maps for UT2004. This remake captures the atmosphere and scale of the map perfectly, making you feel like you are playing the original map for UT2004. I spent a lot of time testing this map making sure all collision bugs and things of that nature were fixed before the final. I am very pleased to see the quality that this map has become. Thank you Fartuess & MJ_Poland for all the work making this map what it is now. I highly recommend this map to all!



      Looks very cool, love these kinda maps.


        Gorgeous map! Game play is nice and smooth as well. And for what it's worth, no framerate issues even on my low-end machine

        A bunch of additional screenshots on Mapraider along with three additional mirrors:


          no framerate issues is also due to UT3 engine. ///Yeah, great map indeed.!.///


            Very accurate remake of the original. One less reason to go back to UT2004. Thank you very much.


              Very nice remake indeed. It feels like the original, but prettier. I wouldn't have mind a smaller scaling in some areas, but it's not a big deal (not a fan of UT 2004 oversized maps in general).

              The frame rates were great on my machine. The only other constructive criticism is the creaking wood floor sounds. Either they are too loud (for my sound setup) or they happen to often?

              Either way, a fun map that looks good and stays on my hard drive.


                Thanks i'm glad you like it


                Well... I was tweaking sounds a lot on map and in the end Wolfy and Phoenix clan members accepted current version. I thought like you that it is slightly too loud (or have wrong attenuation chosen) but i'm not serious UT3 player, so i let pro players to choose.


                btw. Wolfy's video recorded slightly before relase. Music on video isn't original music from map.



                  great remake!

                  Both UT2004 and this new UT3 versions of this map are fun to play however they are scaled; actually, the UT3 version seems almost smaller. As said in the UT2004 description, there is a lot of wood and metal in here and I thought the wood creak sounds seemed fine in both versions. I liked the sprite lights (replaced by water drips in UT3 version), roots, vines and other foliage. I noticed very good lighting/textures/meshes in both versions and a slight haze in the UT3 version. Either one has great gameplay and slightly better with 3-4 players instead of 1on1. The bots seem tougher in the UT3 version and great job on the conversion to UT3.