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    Version: UT Remake. Latest Patch.
    Compatibility: PC & PS3
    Description: Unreal Tournament Re-Make.
    Comments: True to UT with the following exceptions; Built in additive, with a basic sky.

    Credits: Original Author: Juan Pancho 'XceptOne' Eekels


    RipperLiteV2 [Weapon Replacement]

    Play it here

    I wasn't a big fan of the original, but this appears to definitely be true to it -- aside from feeling slightly larger in scale for obvious reasons. It is entirely BSP-style construction, which is kind of a bummer. So much BSP in fact, that you might as well just play the original in UT99

    On the other hand, it'll probably play well on pretty much any machine that can run UT3 even in the slightest. So if you miss the original and only have UT3 installed, this may be worth a download.

    I've also mirrored it on Mapraider's three mirrors and taken ten addition in-game screenshots:

    Edit: Also mirrored the PS3 version


      Thanks very much for the support and effort.

      - i have been on an old unreal kick recently: and i noticed this map had not been re-made in an OldSkool way.

      - its good for duels and 2v2 etc - VERY high FPS

      a ut3 remake exists here:
      ^ but i wanted one true to the original.
      - ^^ that FO version is only beta aswel: so i may make a UT3 version if there is interest

      - hardcore high fps ftw

      Many Thanks


        cool, i wasnt either a fan of the original (mainly because of the "roomed" layout) but it is for sure a keeper for the athmo
        cant wait to see how u ve turn this one...looking good from the screenshots....D/L, thx for ur work


          Thanks for sharing the other remake, TKBS. It's interesting, but overall I think I like your version a bit better


            just played it and i agree with freakinmeany, i prefer yours too because more true to the original
            i like a lot the very "epured style" UTish
            some comments on what can imo be improoved or looks weird:

            -lifts dont cast noise
            -some ambient cracking wood sounds had be welcome
            -music track play once and dont loop
            -water collision block body and u hurt it like ice
            -some textures look oversized & low res
            -the "mashine" sound is tooo heavy
            -the fire particules coming from bottom levels is visible coming from the floor on upper levels

            thx for ur work, a good remake


              forgot to vote and it really p**s me to see one star here...lets try to improove that lame 1 star!