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DM-Denounced [FIX]

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    DM-Denounced [FIX]

    Name: DM-Denounced
    Version: Final Release (I hope)
    Compatibility: Titan 2.1
    Description: Built by a religious cult with the intentions of being used to house mass orgies in times of desperation, Denounced has seen the best and worst aspects of human kind. However, since all of the cult members were ages 3-6, they felt as if the opposite sex had coodies and all requests for an orgy had been denied. Several trillion millennia later, a group of werewolves found the structure. These creatures of the night decided to put on costumes and fight to the death with the power tools they had recieved from their mothers as wedding gifts. And that's why you're here.
    Comments: Originally released with the COMP map pack. Due to lack of a final test run, I found that it was released too soon.

    This map is fully aimed at high end and competitive players. It is intended for duels and small deathmatch games.

    Server admins, please replace the old version with this one.


    Credits: Myself, Random54 for being that **** that questions everything, Noob_Zaibot for visuals (odd shadows are my fault for noobing with BSP)
    Strategy Informer

    I love this map. It answers every question I ever had. Only now I wonder how I lived so long without it.

    Promises to be one of the best duel maps out there. It's slightly larger than many duel maps yet it remains very fast. With most fast maps spawn raping is an issue but not here due to the slightly larger size and the variety of options to get around. Weapon/ammo/pickup placement is perfect. Over all a very balanced and fun duel map.

    Also seems like it should play well for DM or 2vs2 TDM. Too small for larger TDM games.


      Mirrored on Strategy Informer -


        expired on strategy informer.......any more links?


          The other two links seemed to work for me, but I put it on filefront anyway:


            GameFront/FileFront works better with my old popup/ad blocker. Thank you.


              YES! Love it ... though I wouldn't complain if the lighting was a tad bit more dynamic. All in all, a ****-load of fun though.

              Mirrored on Mapraider's three mirrors as well:


              (and lol @ "for being that **** that questions everything")


                Probably my favorite of the COMP map pack. Played it on CQ (West) Duel server a couple days ago flows very well.