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COMP - Competitive Map Pack PC&PS3

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    COMP Pack up at

    P.S. This is a new cook that adds missing preview pics.


      excellent map pack!

      DM-Balance - Lots of shades of gray in here with a little dabble of color and solid textures; I like the fans/jumppads and old skool style. Definitely a frantic match with good weapon and spawn point placement, excellent balance and flow as most of these maps have.

      DM-Bloodline - Another tight one with lots of ramps, z-axis and a little bigger than Balance with more atmosphere. Bots can be a nuisance in this one and has a definite Q3-like atmosphere with good music.

      DM-Denounced-fix - Another solid map in terms of gameplay and atmosphere, but not sure what was wrong with the original and this one seems fine. It has an industrial-look with pastel color thrown in as some others in this pack do; I like the textures and the music fits. Even with the crazy pathways, the bots are slightly easier than in Bloodline.

      DM-Edge - I like the trim and colors in here as well as the cool jumppads and "Muse-like" music. The bots give a tough match and many pathways is fun.

      DM-Elements - A more wide-open layout with also many pathways, nice trim and an almost mix-themed map but I see mostly Egyptian in here. Another fun map and at one point I found myself bounced around like a pinball (possibly from the pad at an angle up high).

      DM-FaceMash - fragfest extraordinaire this one is and reminds me of a couple others in this pack, but this one has softer color, softer music, glass and other things that set it apart. Bots are easy in here but don't be a slouch as frags can rack up quickly.

      DM-NinjaParadise - plenty of z-axis opportunities and an obvious Japanese atmosphere, except music is not. Good texture and color combinations and a nice touch with the foliage and high archway. Bots are somewhat easy, but not pushovers.

      These maps must have been fun online, but I guess I missed the window.


        good work! would like to see a 1v1 or 2v2 cup from multiplay about this mappack! ;D




            added the maps to my server (including fixed Denounced); the maps played great. very consistent feel across levels.
            thx for great mappack!


              THX to you man, we are glad you like the map pack


                Here is a backup link. This pack was modified to include the new DM-EdgeNight made by CrazyBastard (as well as DM-Edge)

                Download COMP Map Pack

                Download DM-EdgeNight

                Screenshots of DM-EdgeNight: (click to enlarge)

                -Neil (CaptainMigraine)


                  THX for the re-release with the new level


                    Thanks again for the good work and for the updated re-release!