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DM-Hades' Pit [Final] [Download] [Pics]

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    DM-Hades' Pit [Final] [Download] [Pics]

    Name: DM-Hades' Pit
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT3 v2.1 (gold version from Steam if that matters)

    Remake of a Doom II map I made a long time ago.
    No "story" just old style LAN-party deathmatch carnage.

    I don't think this map is "balanced" or "fair" by todays standards, but was fun with Doom II.

    There are hidden doors that need to be opened by pressing the "Use" key

    Filesize, this will probably be complained about so might aswell explain it now.
    I'm using lightmaps not vertex lighting for all the meshes that have a proper UV unwrap for that.
    If you are still using a 300 baud modem and 20mb harddrive, tough, hint: it's probably time to upgrade.

    Bots sometimes get stuck at the doors, tried about every night for a week to get this to work properly.
    Just think of it as a free frag




    Additional High-res screenshots can be found here:

    My old LAN buddies, you know who you are.

    Eldraad: for Exploding Barrels
    The Exploding Barrels are based on a Kismet network found at the following forum post:




    looks good, D/Ling, thanks for ur work


      good remake

      No author name in the preview shot and you shouldn't have to press Use for hidden doors....this isn't single player. The skybox could have been better, but I like the attention to detail with everything else in "the pit area" (Necris theme stuff, statues, walls, crags, detailed stairwells, walls and exploding barrels). Actually, the corridors around the outside look great also, but maybe a little less detail in the tighter corridors would have been better; although, never really got stuck on anything. A good choice of custom music, but what was used in the Doom2 level? I didn't see the bots get stuck except under a few stairwells (possibly the same one) in the pit area, but they were good otherwise. The slow-motion pickup is a PITA in here, but the wide-open gameplay in the pit is still fun!


        SGK-73 also added this to Mapraider:

        Really liked the ambience of the whole thing, but the pit is a little too wide-open/flat for my tastes -- though you do get some z-axis fun if you're patient enough to use the corridors around the perimeter.