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Unreal Old Friends Map Pack 2

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    Unreal Old Friends Map Pack 2

    Name: UOF Map Pack 2
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
    Release date: April 1st, 2011
    Homepage: UOF

    Description: Since the first pack was well received by the UT3 community, the UOF team as decide to make a second pack. As the first, this pack is intended to be primarily a fun group project made by a great bunch of friends that combines several different mapping styles.

    Many months of development & testing have been invested in this second pack, enjoy.

    Game types: 2 CTF, 3 DM, 1 DOM, 2 Greed, 1 WAR

    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

    Download for PC (Manual installation):


    Download for PC (Windows installer):

    Google Drive

    Download for PS3 (Manual installation):

    UT3MOD (each file available in USERDATA.JAM, not as a whole pack)

    Manual installation:

    Extract the UOF Map Pack 2.rar archive into :

    "...\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps" directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.

    Automatic installer:

    Run UOF Map Pack 2.exe & follow the steps. Note that a uninstaller is added in your Windows programs menu.

    Manual installation for PS3:

    Extract 'UOF Map Pack 2 for PS3.rar'. Each map of this pack as is own directory since you must copy each of the USERDATA.JAM file to a data card and insert it into the PS3 console. Note; CTF-Fatima isn't included. Therefore, DM-DeReZDe, a bonus version as been added

    Bonus downloads:

    DM-Orbital Reconstruction by Lord_PorkSword, a DM variant of his WAR-Oribtal Drift map. A bonus Easter Egg from him for pack 2


    DOM-Orbital Reconstruction by Lord_PorkSword, a DOM variant of his Orbital Reconstruction map for this pack



    Level designers
    'Bl!tz', Éric Rigard
    'Odedge', Jeff
    'Thrallala', Jonatan Czapnik
    'Lord PorkSword', Michael Lomman
    'Stevelois', Steve Loiselle

    Internal coordination
    1xTrEmE, Bl!tz & Odedge

    Officials announcements, advertisements, compilation & upload, main readme, readme template

    Greed conversion, Windows Installer


    Special requests
    Sébastien NOVA

    All level designers + 1xTrEmE, Achernar, Barballs, Cupcake, Diesalot, HO0815XX, Rathalos, Sébastien NOVA, TIPPER & Zergling

    Euchreplayer23 for everything regarding the PS3 conversion
    Epic for the editor & assets
    ClickTeam Install Creator for the free installer


    UOF Map Pack (pack #1), released July 2010
    UOF Map Pack 2 (pack #2), released April 2011
    UOF DM Map Pack (pack #3, part 1 of 2), released December 2011
    UOF EG Map Pack (pack #3, part 2 of 2), released December 2011
    UOF LP Map Pack (pack #4), released July 2013

    wow thx guys for the next map pack



      Awesome! Downloading...



        Hope you guys have fun with the maps!


 mirror for the RAR file added in the first post


            nIce and sexy mappack guys XD


              UOF2 Map Comments (Part 1)

              Now that I have played all of the "Unreal Old Friends Map Pack 2" maps, here are my comments about each of the maps.

              DM-DeReZ by Odedge

              This was the first map I played out of the UOF2 Map Pack, and is my favorite mostly because it suits my style of gameplay (1on1). It has lovely Z-Axis gameplay, and as much as a Shock Rifle map as it may seem to be, I found my weapon of choice to be the Bio Rifle! The map is just the right size for it, and with all the tight twists and turns its easy to turn a corner and glob someone. I really love maps like this where the Shock and Bio feel equally powerful and I can feel comfortable holding either of the weapons in my hand the majority of the match. If the map were larger and a bit more open then I would lean more towards using Shock, but since it keeps it tight I was able to have a lot of fun with Bio. Now before people get the wrong idea I will say I am someone who believes that all weapons within UT3 have their time and place when used correctly, and I used all of the included weapons during my game. I really liked the map's HOLP style, it flows well and the item pickups feel very balanced. Sadly I have to report I am having a serious drop in FPS during the Berserk spawn sequence. When the Berserk spawns (and as long as it stays in the map and is not picked up by a player), no matter where I am located in the map, if I look in the Berserk's direction it becomes almost unplayable I get such a bad FPS hit. I am running UT3 on medium level settings, and it might just be my computer since it is a bit out dated, but I would be interested to know if anyone else has this issue and if it might be a problem with the map that can be fixed. It can be frustrating at times when I am trying to do a lift jump just to grab the Berserk to stop my game from lagging but end up missing the jump due to the lag. That was the only issue I found with the map, and if it wasn't for that the map would be perfect.

              DM-Amytis by Lord_PorkSword

              The first thing I noticed when I spawned into this map was the atmosphere... 0_0 The floating islands off in the distance, the waterfalls raining down, and blooming greenery really made me feel I was in another world. The blues, greens, and purples of this map are very pleasing to the eye, and I could tell right away a lot of attention was put into the details of this map. Now I am not a big fan of low gravity maps, but this map makes me want to be. I got a big refresher at how much I suck at low gravity maps and if the enemy didn't kill me the fall did. I tried a 1on1 to a score of 10 and it was a real struggle the first couple of times, I had to resort to some "less than l33t" tactics to pull it off because of the negative numbers. If you ever come into the situation where you think the bot you are playing totally disappeared off the face of the map, be sure to check the small islands at the bottom. I spent ages searching all over only to find it stranded on a little island it could not escape from. Though there are some pathways and small rooms located on the map I found myself using mostly long ranged weapons. I think some of the rooms might be on the too small side for having CQB battles in them, they are mostly just cover from long range fire. I always found myself dodging out and floating away to get some distance from my opponent unless I was totally stacked on pickups. I'm not too familiar with the Slow Field power-up included in this map... its a good protection against the long range attacks but I found it was better to let it run out then try and attack someone with it. It's just too dangerous on a map like this to fumble around trying to stay inside it to battle someone up close. If there was any issue the map has I would say the watered walkways only make splashy sounds when you jump on them, not when you walk on them which is probably just a limitation of the game anyway. All in all a great map that should be experienced; will take some getting use to the low gravity on my end though...



                UOF2 Map Comments (Part 2)

                [Part 2]

                DM-NaPaliKeep by Bl!tz

                This map instantly reminded me of DM-Peak, since both maps have a similar look and atmosphere to them. The map is fairly large and is probably best suited for more than a 1on1. Sadly I don't think this map fits my play style very well and all though it is fun to play, it is on the lower end of my favorites of this map pack, sorry Bl!tz. Either I am really missing something here, or I tried too hard to make this map something that it is not. I encountered a lot of little issues that bugged me, for example... I don't think the tall tower was scaled well for the jump boots pickup you have in the map. You have the jump boots pickup on one of the lower levels of the tower, but when I try to jump boot to the next level of the tower I fall short. I ended up having to jump up on something first to be tall enough, or try to aim for the middle of the sloped paths above that were a bit shorter to be able to get to the next level which was kind of tedious. In fact a lot of areas are like that in the map and although the map has a lot of vertical elements to it, it doesn't really feel like the jump boots fit in. They help you get to a few places here and there but nothing really critical. I had another issue where the bot was jumping up to that roof top above the invisibility power-up that has the eyes on the wall as if the bot was going to get the shield belt. It would walk for a ways and then have an aneurysm every time for some unknown reason. I also think some of the pickups could be moved further from the walls as well as a few other tweaks to improve the flow of the level. I also didn't like how if I fell onto the rooftops in that center square in the courtyard I couldn't double jump back out of it. I had to jump down to the jump pad at the bottom for it to push me back up to the top. There was also a time after I picked up the Stinger in the waterway the turning wheel outside of it ended up killing me. I wish I could have gotten my hands on a beta of this map to help you try to improve the flow and make it more enjoyable to play.

                CTF-Fatima by Stevelois

                I'm not much of a CTF player aside from a little Facing Worlds and Epicboy, but I liked this map because it is really straight forward and easy to learn. You got your high and low route which if you choose low its a bit more risky because you have to jump over a pit but you have a chance at getting the UDamage. I found that the most action occurred within the middle of the map which I think works very well. I really liked the look of both the upper and lower parts of the middle area (it was really well done), as well as the outside. I also liked the MegaHealth on the towers you can quickly grab on your way out before you head into the middle area where the action will be. The map has really good flow, and the items feel very balanced and I didn't encounter any issues with it. Happy to have this one in my collection even though I rarely play CTF.



                  UOF2 Map Comments (Part 3)

                  [Part 3]

                  CTF-Legacy by Thrallala

                  When it comes to the visuals for this map, I liked the contrast you get from being inside your base with the red lava and then heading out into the very green and lush outside area. The items inside each of the bases are pretty sparse, so this forces you to explore the outside area a bit to stock up on what weapons and armor that are available before you venture into the enemy base. The flag run paths between the bases are traveled heavily, so you will want to be prepared for it. I also like the idea of being able to see both of the flags from inside the bases, this gives you a chance to try and fend off someone trying to cap your flag to buy some time. Also there is a Sniper position on the other side of the map between the bases that can be fought over to cover the flag run paths.



                    UOF2 Map Comments (Part 4)

                    [Part 4]

                    WAR-Orbital Drift by Lord_PorkSword



                      UOF2 Map Comments (Part 5)


                      I really loved the whole theme of this warfare map out in space it is really cool. I like the Prime Nodes in the ground looking something like crashed pieces of debris in the rock. When it is inactive you can drop down the hole to reach the lower level, but if the node is active the hole is blocked off making you either destroy it first or go around another way. This might be tricky if someone is above trying to destroy it and someone is below trying to heal it. Although it is mainly on foot action, the map does have a spawn for a Raptor at the middle node which makes things interesting. Sadly it doesn't have more vehicles for space battles and stuff like that, but since the map is on the smaller side for a warfare map and split up on different platforms vehicle uses would be limited anyway. I found the middle node can be very hard to capture at times. When you are below trying to heal it, the node is exposed to various distant platforms where multiple opponents can take shots at it from a distance. Since you are below the node, it can be difficult to get a shot at the opponents attacking the node you are trying to heal. If you try to stay above the node and heal it, then you are exposing yourself to enemy fire at just about every angle. This is a map I may need to spend more time with to develop some better tactics on keeping the nodes linked so I can destroy the enemy core.

                      Thanks for all of the hard work and time you guys put into making these wonderful maps for UT3!



                        Many thanks for the indepth feedback M8!


                          Seconed, thanks for taking the time to give us in-depth feedback on all maps, much appreciated!


                            yup, thx for the detailled feedback and np


                              Originally posted by Lord_PorkSword View Post
                              Many thanks for the indepth feedback M8!
                              Originally posted by Thrallala View Post
                              Seconed, thanks for taking the time to give us in-depth feedback on all maps, much appreciated!
                              Originally posted by Bl!tz~ View Post
                              yup, thx for the detailled feedback and np
                              Originally posted by stevelois View Post
                              Your very welcome m8 & THX for taking the time to write your thoughts about each map, it's very usefu &l extremely appreciated That way, we know what you think about all of them

                              I'm happy you like the pack in all.

                              Originally posted by Odedge View Post
                              Big thanks for your reviews/detailed comments. While we work hard to make the maps, this is how we like to get paid.

                              It took a while, but you all are very welcome!