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The Crucible v1.2 Released!

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    I found out when useing mapmixers quickstart
    selection the skeletons work only loading the
    character editor crashes or may take hours to load.


      On a first launch of recently installed Skins, it is normal that the load of these take time, I have approximately 170 Go of add-on on UT3 and my records of time on my old PC was of 20 minutes to load Skins (over 15 Go).

      It is necessary to be careful with mapmixer and other transformations of the interface of the game because a lot of add-on are not compatible with.


        Thanks - as written above the presaved characters work ingame.
        I use the skeletons in normal DM with my best rabbit buddies mixed in.
        Its so much play fun - you can even stand next and give fire support!


          Originally posted by ShadowBlade View Post
          It's Shader Caching. It could take about 1 hour to cache.

          I put a warning on the install screen of the installer.
          Hmmm it sounds like you need to start this up and go have a few beers
          It's good to have this. I think I remember a similar mod for past UTs and they were fun as H3!!