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DM-Richter Pack [Final][D/L][Pics]

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    DM-Richter Pack [Final][D/L][Pics]

    DM-Richter Pack

    (DM-Richter & DM-Chiasma_SE)

    Patch 5 tested. (DM-Chiasma_SE requires Titan pack)

    This map was subdivided early on yielding two maps


    | --- DM-Richter (UDamage Side)
    --- DM-Chiasma (Berserk Side)

    Lots of little improvements. Main ones are:
    -Improved AI. Bots work with the interactive traps in the map a bit better.
    -Small layout changes



    [screenshot] [/screenshot][screenshot][/screenshot]
    [screenshot] [/screenshot][screenshot][/screenshot]

    Special Thanks:
    [Custom Music]
    zYnthetic VeloCity soundtrack,CBP Team

    [Beta Testers]
    Bl!tz, FreakinMeany, Lex, Stevelois, Syphix, Taffy, Thrallala, Tipper

    1XTreme, coolcat22, Gussie MK, Piranhi, Nova, Zunnie, SkaarjMaster, Zerglings

    [& Ofc]
    Epic games for UT3
    apologies if i forgot anyone.

    Tutorials and Knowledge
    Stevie's Corner:Duplicating Epic content, Add Enforcer, Custom BV,Light mapping
    Odedge awesome link resource,
    Hourences Tutorials,
    Ben Burkart Level Optimisation,
    AVLD tutorials,
    IceCreamYou Tutorial Index,
    Waylons Learning Unreal Engine 3,
    Ambershees scripting tutorials,
    Joshua Javaheri,
    3D Buzz, Eat3D

    DOWNLOAD: DM-Richter Pack [69 MB]

    Mirror @ Mapraider

    Love the design on Richter, and it plays well, too. Chiasma feels like it could have been a stock map, it's very well set up. You have a good use of light and water.

    Only thing I'd mention is in Richter, that middle area before jumping into the water has an invisible barrier pretty much in the middle of the walkable area.

    Also, something I was curious about, is it possible to add stuff like fish in the water (not saying the map needs it, just is that technically possible?)


      Also mirrored on Mapraider's three mirrors:


        Hey bud

        Glad to see you finally finish them

        Since it's a pack, I'll make a post on my site

        Note : your link to mu tuto isn't working.

        THX for the credits m8



          Glad you liked it! Thx for kind words.

          Not sure about that blocking volume you speak of. I hope it does not interfere with game play too much.

          You sounds like a very curious young guy - a good trait to have to be a mapper. The community could always use more of those.
          To answer your question, most things are possible. I think there are elements like this in DM-Siap and Phera maps. We could always use some extra help with assets if your interested in making 3D models and texturing them.

          Many thx for the mirror.

          Yeah it has been a long time. I felt I had to get a move on after I lost a ton of work in a HDD failure. So this one almost never made it. Its not perfect but at least it off my disk.

          Many thx for posting on your site - much appreciated!

          Link corrected, cheers.


            This was one map at one time? Woah!

            I do like how each map feels like a bigger area (the shared visuals help with this obviously), but the game play is different enough.

            The map is made very well and has a nice balance of game play vs "realistic layout". Visuals are very good as well.

            I really like the "pool" of draining of water with the big health in it. Very nice.

            If I was going to be picky, some areas feel a bit "cramped" (but don't seem like crawl spaces). Also, some areas are a bit dark where it's hard to see either the character or textures in the map.

            Definite keepers on my hard drive.


              Well originally it was one big map, then realising how unwieldy it was I slowly teased them apart. But being my first map I've probably rebuilt each sector at least three times. Learnt lots in the process. Although still room for improvements lol...

              Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate your interest and for the honest feedback. I aimed the lighting for the normal post process settings which are slightly lighter than the higher settings. (although still not enough perhaps).

              Cheers and many thx for the encouragement!


                Achernar... I wish I could help you out, but sadly, I'm just a fan... not a mapper myself :-p Video and film editing's my trade.

                Also, for that one area, it's right above and next to the curvy hall in the main area (with all the fans and water). The only way to get to it from what I can see is when you're at the top of the tower and jump down to it. It's actually hard to get to, but it is a part of the map you can land. It's got some brush by it, and when you get level with the hall, that's where it stops.

                Not saying you need to go back or anything. If you did, all it would need would be like, a fence or something just to show that the area is "blocked" off. Anything visual. Hell, even a little energy barrier could do it. I get why the blocking is there, otherwise you could run ontop of the hall and even fall of the map (though that could work, as well, just fall to your death instant death).

                EDIT: The area I'm talking about is in this picture:


                Hall's on the right, tower you can't see the top of, and the area in question is almost exactly in the middle of that picture.



                  No worries there, I just couldn't help notice your curiosity.

                  I'm glad you recognise its there for a reason. It may be a little inelegant and being out of the core gameplay area I guess I forgot to go back and fix that. Nevertheless I appreciate your interest, cheers.


                    Yep, and Chiasma seems solid as a rock.


                      couple of interesting maps

                      These two are related as I can see by a few areas that looks familiar between them. Thanks for including preview shots and including author name and player load in them. OK, so here are my comments on the two maps:

                      DM-Chiasma_SE_Final >> I knew I'd seen this one before, so I'll just upgrade my previous comments. Once again good lighting/shadows/colors/textures and I liked the grays and oranges. The surface of the water can now be seen from below and the skybox and outside scenery still looks cool. I forgot about the small water room, which may have been added (not sure) and also liked the leaking pipe, sparks and other additions. The gameplay is slightly better as I didn't seem to get stuck that much as before. The bots are still very good, but I still made it out on top but barely.

                      DM-Richter_Final >> Cool atmosphere with waterfall, shimmering steam surface of some sort, clouds rushing overhead and other scenery. There is a very strange mechanical leak/motor noise in one section of the map that is very unnerving at times, which adds to maps atmosphere very well. I also noticed some other strange sounds which may be related to the traps being triggered and WTF is that fire bomb thing! Holy Mackeral! Got me twice before I knew where to look for it. The gameplay is good with a lot of new twists to figure out some of which I not sure I like. Bots are tough and you're definitely right about them working better with the interactive traps.


                        Achernar... I've been playing Richter more, and it's really becoming one of my favorite maps. It's very playable, and is full of lots of little details that affect gameplay.

                        So now I'm gonna be that annoying guy who asks for something when you've already given so much for free. I often find myself on that invisible barrier area, and I think the map is so close to perfect. Using ghost in SP, I can see you have the rest of the area built. Literally, all it needs is the barrier taken away, and if you leave the platform (or while on the tube fall off the side) you just insta-die, like the rivers in some levels.

                        Regardless if you update or not, the fan action is some of the best I've seen in UT3. Reminds me of playing Duke Nukem II WAAAAYYYYYY back in the day.

                        But I do think if you were to update, it'd be almost nothing to change, just parameters, no actual physical assets.



                          Hey there SkaarjMaster. Many thanks for taking the time to make review.

                          I enjoyed your prose and am heartened you like the update. Cheers. I can thank you for the double sided material pointer too.


                          I'm encouraged your enjoying the map - thanks for telling. I'll have a look and see about those changes. However as there hasn't been too much interest I'll make it a private version so to reduce any possible confusion / version conflicts.

                          Give me a week or two to get organised. So if you find anything else Now's the time tell. I'll PM you the link.


                            Sounds great. Will do... though really, these maps are about as solid as they come and I haven't noticed anything else so far.